Get ready for the penultimate episode of The Apprentice, as the candidates take on highly anticipated interviews, in which they are grilled by Lord Sugar's most trusted advisors.


Recruitment consultant Flo Edwards has impressed viewers and Lord Sugar alike with her business acumen, but will this translate in the interviews as they look over her plans?

Flo admitted that it felt "a little bit unreal" to have made it to the final five. Having watched The Apprentice growing up, she said she was "delighted" to have made it to the interviews.

As her time in the competition continues, here's everything you need to know about The Apprentice 2024 candidate Flo Edwards.

Who is Flo Edwards?

Flo Edwards in a red pantsuit and black t-shirt. She is waving her hands in the air and is smiling
Flo Edwards on The Apprentice. BBC/FremantleMedia Ltd

Job: Recruitment consultant

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From: London

Flo is a recruitment consultant from London. Apart from founding her own consultancy firm, she says she taught her dog how to close a door. So, she's a woman of many talents.

Reflecting on her time in the series, Flo said her favourite week was the cheesecake task, and admitted it gave her "validation" as to why she was part of the competition.

She explained: "I think when I first joined and met all the candidates, I had a little bit of imposter syndrome, because I was surrounded by incredible businesspeople. At the time, I didn't have my own business, so I felt slightly like an underdog.

"I think that task and the positive reaction to my motivation gave me a lot of external validation as to why I was there. That was my favourite week, it really motivated me for the rest of the process."

What has Flo Edwards said about The Apprentice 2024?

Flo is confident that her "great business" shows that she has what it takes to be Lord Sugar's business partner.

She explained: "I don't necessarily deserve Lord Sugar’s investment more than anyone else in the process; I have a great business and I have a proven track record of generating revenue.

"However, equality, diversity and inclusion is at the core of the business so with Lord Sugar's experience with scaling recruitment businesses we can expedite this positive impact (alongside profits!)."

What days is The Apprentice on TV?

The 2024 season of The Apprentice continues on Thursday 11th April at 9pm on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.

Episodes will continue to air every Thursday at 9pm on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.

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The Apprentice 2024 airs on Thursday 11th April at 9pm on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.


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