After non-stop one-liners, savage boardroom moments and project managers who often have no idea what they're doing, The Apprentice now enters its penultimate episode as the competition soon comes to a close.


In February, Lord Sugar returned to his infamous boardroom and set out to find his next business partner - and among those still standing is dentist Paul Midha, who is "elated" to have made it to the final five.

"It was probably one of the best feelings I've ever had in my life," he said in a new Q&A. "Sometimes you look back in life, and you remember certain moments as being the pinnacle of an achievement that you made, and that was one of them for sure.

"To be able to get through all 10 tasks through such a rigorous process, it was just amazing. I know I'm representing a lot of communities like the dental community, the Punjabi community, so to be able to lift my head up high and know that I did them proud, that was an amazing feeling."

Paul has proven himself to be a worthy contender among the candidates, finding himself on the winning team many times, but will Lord Sugar's most trusted advisors be pleased with his business plan?

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As he continues on the series for another week, here is everything we know about Dr Paul Midha.

Who is Dr Paul Midha?

The Apprentice candidate Paul Midha during a task. Raj and Maura are stood next to him as he speaks towards something
Paul Midha. BBC/FremantleMedia Ltd

From: Leeds

Job: Dental group owner

Used to extensive learning from studying at a dentist, Paul is set on getting his £250,000 investment on The Apprentice and all he can catch him about the world of business.

After graduating as a dentist, Paul saved a 20 per cent deposit upon acquisition of his first dental practice and invested every resource, leaving just £100 in my account, and dedicated himself to the practice.

Over the course of 15 months, the practice's valuation soared to £900,000, something Paul says is "an exceptional growth of over five times its initial value".

Along with his success, Paul has encountered failures, but in hindsight, he believes they "played a pivotal role in subsequent successes".

He continued: "One significant underestimation on my part was the timeline for completing the acquisition of a dental practice, which took 14 months. While this phase was demanding, it offered profound lessons in resilience and adaptability and ultimately made me a better businessperson."

Interestingly, before Paul turned to the world of dentistry, he took part in various talent shows with his body-popping talents. He even featured as an extra in a Disney TV show!

What has Dr Paul Midha said about The Apprentice?

As for why Dr Paul Midha deserves Lord Sugar's business plan, he explained he aims to revolutionise the healthcare attire market.

He explained: "When executed adeptly, this approach has the potential to secure a substantial market share. I am ready for the extensive learning ahead, understanding that I have much to gain and a long yet rewarding journey ahead."

Reflecting on his time in the series, Paul revealed that if he could re-do one task, it'd be the cereal task.

He explained: "I did embarrass myself a bit when I donned the blue morph suit. If I could redo it, I would have chosen the space theme with a human character, which I think would have hit the right age group. I know we would have won that task."

When is The Apprentice on TV?

The Apprentice premiered on Thursday 1st February at 9pm on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.

Future episodes will continue every Thursday at 9pm on BBC One and iPlayer.

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The Apprentice season 18 continues on Thursday on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.


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