We can't believe it but the 2021 series of I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here! has come to a close.


Emmerdale favourite Danny Miller was crowned the winner of the series, with Coronation Street legend Simon Gregson and Loose Women panellist Frankie Bridge placing in second and third, respectively.

The public has already claimed their first eight celebrity eliminations in the form of former Strictly judge Dame Arlene Phillips, Paralympian Kadeena Cox, Radio 1 DJ Snoochie Shy, music producer Naughty Boy, former BBC Breakfast host Louise Minchin, plus in EastEnders star Adam Woodyatt, Olympic diver Matty Lee and football legend David Ginola ahead of the final.

Meanwhile, Richard Madeley was also forced to leave I’m A Celebrity 2021 after he visited the hospital on 25th November.

After spending time in hospital, Madeley issued a statement saying: “Hello all! Richard here – firstly just to say that I’m absolutely FINE. I started to feel briefly unwell in the small hours of the morning and was taken to hospital as a precaution.”

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He added that he had left the show for good after unintentionally breaking the cast’s COVID bubble.

He later blamed “dehydration” for his early exit from the show and told The Telegraph: “It’s no exaggeration to say I felt completely gutted. It seemed ridiculous – I was loving my time in the camp – but I understood their reasoning.”

Now, as the series finally came to a close on Sunday 12th December, we now know where everyone has placed.

Read on for all your essential information on the full I’m A Celebrity 2021 line-up.

I'm A Celebrity 2021 cast line-up

Danny Miller - WINNER

Danny Miller for I'm A Celebrity 2021

Aaron Dingle star Danny Miller wanted to show people what he's really like when he enters the castle and he certainly succeeded, going on to be crowned the first King of the Castle when he won the series on Sunday 12th December 2021.

“I’m A Celebrity is the biggest show in the country and I want to show people what I am like as Danny rather than as Aaron. It will be nice for people to see me not crying but having a laugh! I am a fun guy at home and I’ve been known as Aaron now for 13 years – it’s good to step outside your comfort zone.”

Miller recently became a father for the first time with fiancée Steph.

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Simon Gregson - SECOND PLACE

Simon Gregson I'm A Celebrity
I'm A Celebrity 2021 contestant Simon Gregson ITV

Coronation Street actor Simon Gregson joined the ITV show as a late arrival alongside EastEnders star Adam Woodyatt and went on to come in second place on the 2021 series.

Gregson is most known for playing Steve McDonald on the ITV soap, which he's appeared on since 1989.

Speaking in an interview ahead of the show, Simon said: "I am a little bit nervous. You don't want to come to come in halfway through when everyone's kind of had to endure what they've had to endure. But thinking that it might be you know, something quite nice for someone to come in. It's a new faces and somebody who probably smells a little bit better than everybody else. Maybe they'll all gravitate towards me around that can open fire."

Frankie Bridge - THIRD PLACE

Frankie Bridge in I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!

Frankie Bridge is following in the footsteps of her partner, Wayne Bridge, by doing I'm A Celebrity 2021.

"Ever since Wayne took part, he has been desperate for me to do it too and he can't wait to watch me squirm and scream," Bridge said ahead of her debut in the castle.

"I think people will be surprised to see me doing I'm A Celebrity, and I am scared of most things, but I really want to push myself."

Just don't scream too much, or you'll end up with all the trials!

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David Ginola - OUT

David Ginola for I'm A Celebrity 2021

Former Newcastle United and Spurs footballer David Ginola became the final celebrity to be eliminated from the camp ahead of the final, leaving the castle on Saturday 11th December.

During his exit interview, the football legend commented on a personal "win", saying: "I was adopted when I came to Newcastle in 1995 and this is a second adoption."

Prior to entering the castle, David was hoping for an easy time from Ant and Dec!

"I know the Geordies! I've met Ant and Dec before and I know they are big massive fans of Newcastle United. When you play for the club, all of the fans are amazing and very faithful. Newcastle is very lucky to have fans like them," Ginola said ahead of joining the show.

Ginola also said he'll be the camp's chef – as long as there's "garlic and rosemary"...

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Matty Lee - OUT


Olympic champion Matty Lee became the seventh celebrity to be eliminated from the castle on the 10th December.

During his exit interview with Ant and Dec, Matty commented: "I wanted the public to see a more relaxed me. I know there's a funny side to me and I thought going on here would show who I am".

Speaking ahead of his arrival, Lee said: "Nothing ever prepares you for what life will be like after you do well in the Olympics. I was and still am mainly in shock that I am doing I’m A Celebrity. My two childhood dreams were to win an Olympic medal and take part in my favourite TV series. And now I am doing both this year!

“When I told Tom [Daley, diving partner], he was in shock too! He is so excited for me and he has always been so supportive and helped me a lot over the past three years. He gives me advice about anything whether it is relationships or whatever - I always ask Tom.”

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Adam Woodyatt - OUT

I'm A Celebrity 2021 contestant Adam Woodyatt
I'm A Celebrity 2021 contestant Adam Woodyatt ITV

EastEnders legend Adam Woodyatt was eliminated from I'm A Celebrity on the 10th December, coming in 6th place.

He tearfully told Ant and Dec after being eliminated: "Erm, oh yeah, mentally I have sorted myself out - my head was in the right place for going in there, that's why I have loved it so much."

When the line-up was announced in November 2021, fans wondered why soap stars Adam Woodyatt and Simon Gregson were missing from the I’m A Celebrity 2021 line-up, following rumours they'd be appearing on the show this year.

However, the actor, who is best known for playing Ian Beale on the BBC One soap, made his Castle debut on Thursday, 25th November along with Simon Gregson as two late arrivals.

In an interview ahead of joining the soap, Adam revealed: "I would have actually quite liked if I hadn't found out about who the other 10 [contestants] are. I would have been going in there completely blind. Obviously there’s some people who I do know and I know their history and others I don’t and I deliberately haven’t Googled or researched them because I’d rather hear from them."

Adam also revealed he didn't want any I'm A Celebrity advice from ex-campmates because he wanted to "find out" for himself.

Louise Minchin - OUT

I'm A Celebrity 2021 contestant Louise Minchin

TV legend Louise Minchin became the fifth celebrity to be eliminated on 9th December and became the sixth celebrity to leave the camp.

Speaking after her departure, Louise noted to Ant and Dec: “I’ve learned so much about myself and about other people. It’s been fantastic, thank you for keeping me here for so long.”

Louise only just left her job presenting on BBC Breakfast but was ready to take on a new challenge.

The 53-year-old, who loves a physical challenge, revealed she sees the three-week stint in the castle as "a big adventure" ahead of joining the show.

“It is very different to sitting on the BBC Breakfast sofa and it will be scary and daunting but it will also be lots of fun," she said. “I’ve driven past the Castle quite a few times and I am really excited for it to be in Wales again. This time last year I had a broken ankle and I literally sat on the sofa at home watching every single minute of it thinking, ‘Oh my gosh that Castle looks incredible, one day I would love to be part of it’ and now I am!”

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Naughty Boy - OUT

I'm A Celebrity 2021 contestant Naughty Boy

Hitmaker Naughty Boy (real name: Shahid Khan) became the fourth celebrity to be voted out of the castle on 8th December, making him the fifth celebrity to leave the camp.

Speaking to presenters Ant and Dec after his departure Naughty Boy said: “How to just get on with people and support each other and not really take anything for granted.”

Following his highlights reel, he added: “I feel like my mum is proud. She has been watching me every day.”

Ahead of joining the show, he revealed: "I am scared of heights, nothing in the Castle is likeable! But I am looking forward to taking part in the Trials only because if we get the stars, it is good for everyone. I am looking forward to doing something heroic for everyone in the camp.”

Naughty Boy will be raising awareness for dementia and Dementia UK while in the castle after speaking openly about caring for his mum with the illness.

“I think it is important for people like myself to create awareness about it. Dementia UK needs constant funding, and I am going to miss Mum the most whilst I am away in the Castle. I live with Mum, and I am used to seeing her all the time," he said.

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Snoochie Shy - OUT

Snoochie Shy

Radio 1Xtra DJ, Snoochie Shy was eliminated from I'm A Celebrity 2021 on December 7th and became the third celebrity to be voted out of the camp.

Snoochie told presenters Ant and Dec after being eliminated: "I actually had some of the best times in camp - from twerking, dancing, and the entertainment show we did with Frankie."

Snoochie's presence will certainly be missed in camp!

Speaking before she headed into the Castle: "Bugs and I are not friends, I don’t like heights and I am claustrophobic too... But that all said, one of the things I am most looking forward to about doing this programme is the Trials! They are all crazy.”

Snoochie certainly threw herself into the deep end with this one!

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Kadeena Cox - OUT

I'm A Celebrity 2021 contestant Kadeena Cox

Four-time Paralympic gold champion Kadeena Cox was the second celebrity to be eliminated from I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! 2021.

The Paralympian left Gwrych Castle on December 6th after receiving the fewest votes from the public.

Presenters Ant and Dec entered the camp to deliver the news, with Kadeena joining them shortly after for an interview.

The athlete, who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis seven years ago, revealed she had gone on the show to challenge herself.

“I thought I’d go in there and try out and see how it is with MS, and it was hard,” she said.

“I thought it would be a lot easier than what it was and I guess I’ve just learned to deal with my condition at home, and that’s easy for me, so I thought ‘Yeah, I’ll be fine, I can show other people with MS and chronic conditions that we can do this’.

“And it was harder than I thought, but I feel like I still showed that even with the trials and tribulations of, just life as someone with a chronic condition, you can still crack on and have fun.”

The sprinter and cyclist is a four-time Paralympic gold champion and recently represented Great Britain in the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games, and was awarded an MBE in 2017 for services to athletics.

Speaking about how it would be worth putting her training on hold to participate in the show, she said ahead of entering the castle: “It will be good to push your body in a different way. It will also be good be be out of that head space of constantly trying to get that one per cent extra gain.”

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Arlene Phillips - OUT


Arlene was the first contestant to be eliminated from the show on December 5th after coming out bottom of the public vote.

She said of her experience that it was the "adventure of a lifetime".

Discussing her time on the show when they were forced to evacuate the castle, Arlene commented on Good Morning Britain: "We definitely didn’t get our phones back. I wish. The only thing we had to watch was Netflix. No news, no family contact, nothing.

“We spent a day in the castle. We didn’t know where we were going to go, what was going to happen. And then we were taken into isolation.

“We all had separate houses and there was some food waiting for us. We were totally isolated.”

Strictly Come Dancing legend Arlene Phillips had swapped the ballroom for the castle when she entered I'm A Celebrity.

At 78, Phillips was the show's oldest ever contestant – not that age got in the way of her experience.

"I'm always the oldest and so I'm used to it," she said ahead of entering the castle.

Phillips said she planned to be the "mum" of the group.

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Richard Madeley - OUT

I'm A Celebrity 2021 contestant Richard Madeley

After many a year of hoping and praying, TV legend Richard Madeley finally entered the I'm A Celebrity castle when the show returned.

He's been rumoured to take part in the series for years, and 2021 was finally the time.

Richard had to pay a visit to the hospital on November 25 after feeling "unwell" on set and unfortunately, it resulted in him leaving the reality series.

Speaking about his new venture before the show began, Madeley said: "Up until now, I've always been perfectly happy watching as a viewer but recently, I realised I'm A Celebrity is no longer just a TV programme. It's become part of the fabric of British life and part of the countdown to Christmas. It suddenly hit me that everyone talks about it the next day and I wondered what it would be like to be there rather than watching. I realised the time had come to experience it."

During an episode of Good Morning Britain, where he's reportedly been offered a more permanent job, Richard revealed he wouldn't be full time until after Christmas as he has "some very interesting things to see and eat" before then.

And it didn't take long for viewers to put two and two together, with one writing on Twitter: "Richard Madeley on I'm a Celebrity. Go on then, that'll be a funny watch."

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