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Meet the cast of ITV's Van Der Valk

This 2020 remake stars Marc Warren, Maimie McCoy and Emma Fielding

Van Der Valk cast
Published: Monday, 28th September 2020 at 12:27 am

In ITV's new reboot of Amsterdam-based detective drama Van Der Valk, Marc Warren takes over the classic role from the late Barry Foster. He's joined by a line-up of British and Dutch actors, with a core cast of cops as well as brand-new guest stars for each episode.


Here are the cast and characters you'll meet as Commissaris Van der Valk investigates a string of high-profile cases in the Dutch capital:

Marc Warren plays Piet Van der Valk

Marc Warren plays Van der valk

Who is Piet Van der Valk? A Commissaris in the Dutch police, who has earned the respect of his team. He loves Amsterdam, lives on a boat, and is described as "comfortable in his own skin, street smart, instinctive and unapologetic." Marc Warren says: "Van Der Valk is an everyman sort of character. He reflects the energies of Amsterdam: its tolerance and liberalism. He can be a loner, and at times he might seem a little taciturn or moody but he has some stuff going on that we find out about as the show goes on. There’s definitely a sadness there and by the end of the series we find out why."

What else has Marc Warren been in? The actor is perhaps best-known for playing Danny Blue in Hustle, Albert Blithe in Band of Brothers, or Nick Saverese in The Good Wife. He recently starred as the dastardly Samuel Parker in Beecham House, and he was Pete Mayfield in the Netflix drama Safe. Other credits include Doctor Who (as Elton Pope), State of Play, The Vice, Flack, The Musketeers, Mad Dogs, and Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell.

Maimie McCoy plays Lucienne Hassell

Maimie McCoy plays Lucienne Hassell in Van der Valk

Who is Lucienne Hassell? Inspector Hassell works alongside Van der Valk. She is his trusted confidante, and is described as "calm amid a storm, centred, down to earth".

What else has Maimie McCoy been in? The actress previously starred in The Musketeers as Milady de Winter, alongside her Van Der Valk co-star Marc Warren. You may have seen her recently as Nancy Raynott in White House Farm, or as DC Tracy Joyce in A Confession – and she played Grace Harper in the BBC daytime drama London Kills. In 2016 she also had a role in DCI Banks, playing Tamsin Richards.

Elliot Barnes Worrell plays Job Cloovers

Elliot Barnes Worrell plays Job Cloovers in Van der Valk

Who is Job Cloovers? Junior police officer Cloovers is "fresh-faced, keen and eager to impress". He is a diligent and talented investigator with a fondness for stats.

What else has Elliot Barnes Worrell been in? As a relative newcomer to our screens, the actor has appeared in Dolittle (playing Captain William Derrick), The Strangers, and Ready Player One. He also played the character Easter in Jericho, but Elliot Barnes Worrell is perhaps best-known for his stage work.

Luke Allen-Gale plays Brad De Vries

Luke Allen-Gale plays Brad De Vries in Van der Valk

Who is Brad De Vries? A member of Van der Valk's team. He is described as "no Einstein, a good-looking mid-ranking Sergeant, more interested in women than promotion".

What else has Luke Allen-Gale been in? His biggest roles so far have included William Whele in the TV series Dominion, Daniel Springer in Monroe, and Fredirigo in The Borgias. Luke Allen-Gale is also a voice actor, including for the Final Fantasy video games.

Darrell D'Silva plays Hendrik Davis

Darrell D'Silva plays Hendrik Davis in Van der Valk

Who is Hendrik Davis? The pathologist. He's "foul-mouthed, hard living, hard-drinking but effective".

What else has Darrell D'Silva been in? The actor, who is a veteran of the Royal Shakespeare Company, has appeared on-screen in a number of TV shows – including Informer, Strike Back, and Game of Thrones.

Emma Fielding plays Julia Dahlman

Emma Fielding plays Julia Dahlman in Van der Valk

Who is Julia Dahlman? The Chief Commissaris, i.e. Van der Valk's boss. Four years ago she sustained injuries which continue to hamper her physically. Dahlman is "a velvet fist in an iron glove, a politician and sincere supporter of the team".

What else has Emma Fielding been in? Aside from being Oliver-nominated for her theatre work, Emma Fielding has appeared in a ton of TV shows. She recently played Nicolette in Les Misérables, the voice of Kisar in Doctor Who episode Demons of the Punjab, and Amy Hollis in Unforgotten; other credits include Close to the Enemy, Dark Angel, Years and Years, and Cranford.

Episode 3 guest stars

  • Christina Cole as Heidi Berlin
  • Tom York as Dani Nioh
  • Saman Amini as Chacko Moghadam
  • Claire Bender as Mila de la Parra
  • Marieke Heebink as Claudia Cabrera
  • Maarten Heijmans as Gustav Schneider
  • Mike Libanon as Cliff Palache
  • Tom Mothersdale as Willem Visser
  • Shaniqua Okwok as Lotta Nagel
  • Sander Plukaard as Ed Loman
  • Arthur Roffelsen as Casper Isaak
  • Wendy Vrijenhoek as Arlette

Episode 2 guest stars

Anniek Pheifer plays Janneke Paulis

Anniek Pheifer plays Janneke Paulis in Van Der Valk

What else has Anniek Pheifer been in? She's been in various Dutch TV shows, including Nieuw Zeer, Zeepaard, Toren C, De vloer op, Zeven Kleine Criminelen, Bitterzoet, as well as the movie Aanmodderfakker. She was also in the TV series Black Widow, playing Deborah Korija.

Martijn Nieuwerf plays Lionel Veith

Martijn Nieuwerf plays Lionel Veith in Van Der Valk

What else has Martijn Nieuwerf been in? He's a theatre actor who's also starred in De Zevensprong and Flikken Maastricht.

Juliet Aubrey plays Sister Joan Pauwels

Juliet Aubrey plays Sister Joan Pauwels in Van Der Valk

What else has Juliet Aubrey been in? Recently, she's played Lily Hill in Snatch. Other previous roles have included Evelyn Mazur in the movie The Infiltrator, the Countess of Warwick in The White Queen, and Helen Cutter in Primeval. She also starred in the classic 1994 TV series of Middlemarch, playing Dorothea.

Guest stars for episode two also include...

  • Taj Atwal as Aamina & Zafira Jabara
  • Tim Dutton as Klaas Gilbert
  • Taheen Modak as Zaim Jabara
  • Paul Tylak as Talib Jabara
  • Eva Marie de Waal as Femke de Haan
  • Teun Kuilboer as Otto Nelissen
  • Mike Libanon as Cliff Palache
  • Martijn Oversteegen as Spike Spijker
  • Jeroen Spitzenberger as Isaak Graaff
  • Gonny Gaaker, Frieda Pittoors and Roos van Erkel as nuns

Episode 1 guest stars

Stephanie Leonidas plays Eva Meisner

Stephanie Leonidas plays Eva Meisner

Who is Eva Meisner? Eva works at a coffee shop and at an art gallery. She clear has money, and when the episode begins she's hosting a massive fancy dress party at her canal-side house.

What else has Stephanie Leonidas been in? Most recently, she starred as Violetta Talenti in Endeavour. You may also recognise her from Snatch (where she played Chloe Koen) or American Gothic (playing Sophie Hawthorne), or from her role as Irisa in the TV series Defiance.

Vineeta Rishi plays Therese Ramecker

Vineeta Rishi plays Therese Ramecker in Van der Valk

Who is Therese Ramecker? The mother of a young man who has gone missing. She works at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.

What else has Vineeta Rishi been in? Fans of the TV soap Doctors will recognise her as Dr Jas Khella, a role she played until 2013. Since then, she's played Rupal in series four of Line of Duty, Anji in Boy Meets Girl, and DC Rakhee Shah in Collateral.

Other guest stars for episode one include...

  • Reinout Bussemaker as the right-wing politician Ed De Klerk
  • Daniel Lapaine as left-wing politician Paul Oosterhuis
  • Frances Grey as his wife, Claudia Oosterhuis
  • Danny Westerweel as Eva's friend and coworker, Dave Smit
  • Arian Nik as Kalari Ramecker, who is kidnapped by thugs on his way to a party
  • Victor Low as Manus Bakker
  • Hylke Van Sprundel as Tim Brouwer
  • Kees Boot as thug Bartel Peters

Van Der Valk airs on Sundays at 9/8c on PBS Masterpiece in the US


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