As Sanditon season 3 finally arrives in the UK after a lengthy wait, naturally you'll all want to know if there are plans to continue the period drama after its current season.


The series is based on Jane Austen's unfinished manuscript of the same name and follows Charlotte Heywood (Rose Williams) and her fellow residents in the eponymous seaside resort.

Alongside Williams, it also stars Crystal Clarke, Ben Lloyd-Hughes and Kris Marshall, among others. But will they return beyond season 3?

Read on for everything you need to know about Sanditon season 4.

Will there be a Sanditon season 4?

James Bolam, Anne Reid and Kris Marshall in Sanditon, standing in a town square looking at each other
Sanditon season 3. Joss Barratt

Sadly, another chapter is off the table.

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In December 2022, PBS Masterpiece confirmed in a statement that the third season of Sanditon would be its last, with executive producer Susanne Simpson saying: "Sanditon has been an incredibly special series for Masterpiece, and we know it has found its way into the hearts of countless fans.

"While we are sad to say goodbye to the series, we know our audience has a lot to look forward to in this new season."

Meanwhile, executive producer for Red Planet Pictures Belinda Campbell added: "It’s a thrill to be bringing Sanditon back to audiences for one more trip to the seaside. This third and final season is full of the heart and joyful spirit that viewers will connect with.

"Our dedicated fans have been absolutely amazing in their support of the show, and we hope they’ll enjoy the conclusion of Charlotte and Georgiana’s stories."

In fact, in an interview following the season finale airing in the US with Salon, head writer Justin Young was even more emphatic that this was the end, saying: "Let me emphasise [season 4 is] never going to happen.

"Throughout the whole process, there were a lot of notes for a long time about make sure you leave some strands open and make sure you don't close everything off for season 4.

"After we finished writing season 3, we thought actually, 'No, this is it.' We were done. And I'm glad of that.

"I think it would have been diminishing returns. Knowing that it's now this triptych is quite pleasing. It's self-contained and exists."

What has the Sanditon cast said about the series ending?

Rose Williams as Charlotte Heywood picnics with Ben Lloyd-Hughes as Alexander Colbourne in Sanditon
Charlotte Heywood (Rose Williams) and Alexander Colbourne (Ben Lloyd-Hughes) in Sanditon. Joss Barratt

Speaking with the Masterpiece Studio podcast, Rose Williams, who plays Charlotte Heywood, was asked whether she was satisfied with her character's arc and end point, to which she said she was.

She explained: "It’s kind of been so amazing to have the gift of playing a woman navigating through a society that kind of was structured for her not to find her voice and discover herself in the way that she managed to kind of do, I think. So, yes, is the answer."

Meanwhile, on the same podcast, Crystal Clarke, who plays Georgiana, was asked what it felt like to say goodbye to her character.

She said: "I feel very appreciative. I feel appreciative of the fans. I feel appreciative of where Georgiana’s story has gone.

"It’s such a bittersweet thing. It’s also just kind of like, it came out of nowhere. Because I already thought it was over, and then bam, we were back again. So I was just kind of like, I don’t know, I wasn’t expecting it. But I feel very grateful for the experience."

She continued: "There was a card that people made for me right before I was coming back for season 2 and 3, and that just meant so much - to know that there were people that supported me and understood that it wasn’t an easy decision for me to make, or the easiest of positions to be in.

"And so I feel very grateful for this experience. I’ve learned a lot as Georgiana, a lot, for myself included."

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