*Warning: spoilers ahead for Sanditon seasons 1 & 2*


It may have been a while since we've heard any Sanditon-related news but the series is finally being released soon in the US. While a UK release date is yet to be confirmed, we can only hope that the period drama will be returning to our screens before we know it.

And if the first look images of season 3 are anything to go by, it's set to be one hell of a third and final series. With Sanditon season 2 bringing plenty of new romantic and dramatic adventures for Charlotte Heywood, following the departure of her season 1 love interest Sidney Parker (Theo James), we can only wait to see what love triangles will ensue in season 3.

In Sidney's place last season, Sanditon introduced not one, but two new potential love interests for our heroine, who is coming into season 3 with an eager fiancé in tow. In addition to this all, though, we also had a separate love triangle for her sister, Alison.

As per the season 3 synopsis: "In Sanditon Season 3, your invitation awaits for more grand parties, wise and outspoken women, and lovely friendships that stand the test of time and circumstances. But many surprises are yet to arrive on Sanditon’s shores—astonishing new alliances, ghosts from the past, and all the complications of love and life."

So, without further ado, read on for everything you need to know about what's to come for the Sanditon cast in season 3.

Sanditon season 3 release date speculation

Rose Williams as Charlotte Heywood picnics with Ben Lloyd-Hughes as Alexander Colbourne in Sanditon
Sanditon S2_Ep3. Picture shows: Charlotte Heywood (ROSE WILLIAMS) and Alexander Colbourne (BEN LLOYD-HUGHES). Photographer: Joss Barratt Joss Barratt

Unfortunately, we don't have a UK release date for Sanditon season 3 as yet but we do know that the series is premiering over in the US on Sunday 19th March 2023, with episodes airing weekly on PBS.

However, as was the case with Sanditon season 2, the third season will first be released on BritBox in the UK and on PBS for US viewers, with a later terrestrial release on ITV.

Sanditon was renewed for both a second and third season following solid campaigning from fans, after the series was initially cancelled.

Who will star in Sanditon season 3?

In addition to the returning main cast members, Sanditon season 2 saw the introduction of several new characters.

At the start of the season, Charlotte (Rose Williams) became governess to Augusta Markham (Eloise Webb) and Leo Colbourne (Flora Mitchell) – and became acquainted with their guardian Alexander Colbourne (Ben Lloyd-Hughes), who will likely return for the third season.

This third season will see returning familiar faces and new characters alike. The full cast list for Sanditon season 3 is as follows.

  • Rose Williams as Charlotte Heywood
  • Crystal Clarke as Georgiana Lambe
  • Anne Reid as Lady Denham
  • Kris Marshall as Tom Parker
  • Kate Ashfield as Mary Parker
  • Jack Fox as Sir Edward Denham
  • Lily Sacofsky as Clara Brereton
  • Rosie Graham as Alison Heywood
  • Ben Lloyd-Hughes as Alexander Colbourne
  • Alexander Vlahos as Charles Lockhart
  • Frank Blake as Captain Declan Fraser
  • Maxim Ays as Captain William Carter
  • Cal Brigden as Ralph Starling
  • Flora Mitchell as Leonora Colbourne
  • Eloise Webb as Augusta Markham
  • Emma Fielding as Lady Montrose
  • Alice Orr-Ewing as Lydia
  • Edward Davis as Lord Henry Montrose
  • James Bolam as Rowleigh Pryce
  • Liam Garrigan as Samuel Colbourne

Sanditon season 3 plot

Sanditon season 3
Sanditon season 3. Photographer: Rob Youngson BritBox / ITV / Red Planet

Sanditon season 2 ended on a cliffhanger: Charlotte returned home to Willingden, Sussex, and got engaged to a local man she didn't love, following a misunderstanding with her true love interest, the widower Alexander Colbourne.

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The third and final season will pick up with Charlotte returning to Sanditon with a new fiancé, and some awkward run-ins with Colbourne very likely. While the usual lavish parties – this time for Georgiana Lambe’s 21st birthday – await, so to do lingering feelings and questions between Charlotte and Colbourne.

Georgiana is also called on to meet a "startling new challenge" and will find support from unlikely sources but through it all, will only cement the bond between Charlotte and Georgiana as they both reckon with their own personal dilemmas.

This is of course, the final season of Sanditon so we can only hope that all our questions get tied up and resolved. Speaking about the final series announcement, Susanne Simpson, executive producer of Masterpiece, said: “We’re sad to take leave of this marvellous series, which has all the wit and joy expected of a Jane Austen-inspired drama.

“We know viewers will be on the edge of their seats as the final pieces fall into place.”

Is there a trailer for Sanditon season 3?

There is! Masterpiece CBS release a trailer for the anticipated third season at the beginning of March and it promises a positively explosive final season.

Watch it below.

Sanditon is available to watch now on BritBox – you can sign up for a 7-day free BritBox trial here.

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