ITV’s latest thriller Red Eye takes viewers on a gripping journey into a world where no one can be trusted.


The series stars Jing Lusi as Hana Li, a British police officer who is tasked with chaperoning Dr Matthew Nolan (Richard Armitage) back to Beijing on the next North China Air flight after he is accused of murder there.

However, when the flight doesn’t exactly run smoothly, Hana soon finds herself in the firing line of a deadly conspiracy.

Thousands of feet below, her younger half-sister and aspiring journalist Jess (Jemma Moore) is attempting to piece things together herself, while MI5 director Madeline Delaney (Lesley Sharp) scrambles her resources in a race against time.

All the while, questions remain over what exactly the enigmatic Dr Nolan did during his fateful business trip, with plenty of twists and turns ensuing over the course of the six-part series.

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"I think it's that, at the end of every episode, first of all, you don't know what's going to happen next," said Sharp. "And the second thing is, you don't know who it is that's pulling the strings on this and putting people in danger. And you don't know whether people are pretending to be in danger or whether they're really in danger. So you're right in there."

She continued: "I read all the scripts so I know what happens, but when I started watching it, I was going, ‘Oh my God, what's going to happen next?’ So, I think that’s the thing – that it's genuinely [unpredictable]."

"I read all the scripts so I know what happens, but when I started watching it, I was going, ‘Oh my God, what's going to happen next?’ So, I think that’s the thing – that it's genuinely [unpredictable]."

Read on for everything you need to know about ITV's Red Eye.

Red Eye release date

Red Eye premiered on ITV1 at 9pm on Sunday 21st April 2024. New episodes will be broadcast weekly.

All episodes are also available to stream now on ITVX.

To binge or not to binge, that is the question.

Who stars in Red Eye on ITV?

Lesley Sharp as Madeline Delaney in Red Eye standing in the middle of a hallway in a suit.
Lesley Sharp as Madeline Delaney in Red Eye. ITV

Jing Lusi leads the cast of ITV's Red Eye as DC Hana Li. The actor is known for her work on Gangs of London season 1, as well as Hollywood films including Crazy Rich Asians, Heart of Stone and Argylle.

Richard Armitage plays a central role as the mysterious Dr Matthew Nolan.

The Full Monty, Before We Die and Scott & Bailey alum Lesley Sharp stars as MI5 director Madeline Delaney, who monitors the nightmare flight from below and offers her advice to a trapped Hana.

Up-and-comer Jemma Moore (Silent Witness, Lockwood & Co) plays Hana's half-sister Jess, with whom she has a fraught relationship, while Robert Gilbert (Big Boys) plays Hana's boss at the Metropolitan Police, Simon King.

Dan Li (The Beekeeper) also features as plane passenger Toni Zhang, with Oliver Maltman (Back), Aidan Cheng (3 Body Problem) and Zoe Telford (The Lazarus Project) playing other characters on board.

Red Eye plot: What is the ITV drama about?

Richard Armitage and Jing Lusi sit in airplane seats, the former looking contemplative towards the sky, the latter wearing a dark blazer and jeans with a concerned glance to the side, in a scene from the ITV series "Red Eye".
Red Eye. ITV

No, this series has nothing to do with the 2005 film of the same name starring Cillian Murphy. (However, it does so happen to share a screenwriter with Jodie Foster's Flightplan, also released in 2005, for any aeroplane thriller fans out there.)

Red Eye opens with British medical doctor Matthew Nolan (Armitage) being arrested on suspicion of murder after returning from a business trip in China, with authorities sending him straight back to face justice.

DC Hana Li (Lusi) is selected to be his police chaperone and reluctantly agrees to the task, although she has no desire to return to the region where her mother died mysteriously decades earlier.

Things quickly take a turn for the worse on the flight back, as it becomes clear there is a murderer on board, with Dr Nolan seemingly the prime target. But why? And who could the culprit be? Tune in to find out.

"Every draft of the script was really exciting," said Moore. "It just got more and more exciting. I was sat [reading them] on my sofa with my little dog and a glass of wine and I was like, 'Oh my God, where's this going?!'

"I couldn't figure out who was behind it all, it's just pure chaos. Scripts come and go but when you get something like this, and then you're in, it's so awesome. It's an amazing journey to be on.

"And for the viewers, I can't wait. You're never going to guess because every time you think you know, [writer] Peter [A Dowling] takes you on a completely new turn."

Red Eye trailer: When can I watch it?

Right now! Enjoy the tense trailer below.

Red Eye is coming to ITV1 and ITVX on Sunday 21st April 2024.


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