"Every draft of the script was really exciting," said actor Jemma Moore of ITV thriller Red Eye. "It just got more and more exciting. I was sat [reading them] on my sofa with my little dog and a glass of wine and I was like, 'Oh my God, where's this going?!'"


Moore plays Jess, a journalist whose half-sister DCI Hana Li (Jing Lusi) is escorting Dr Matthew Nolan (Richard Armitage) back to Beijing after he's accused of killing a woman while driving out there.

But Nolan is adamant that he's not guilty, a story which Jess latches onto in an effort to turbocharge her career.

"I couldn't figure out who was behind it all, it's just pure chaos," said Moore. "Scripts come and go but when you get something like this, and then you're in, it's so awesome. It's an amazing journey to be on.

"And for the viewers, I can't wait. You're never going to guess because every time you think you know, [writer] Peter [A Dowling] takes you on a completely new turn."

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Jing Lusi as DC Hana Li and Richard Armitage as Dr Matthew Nolan in Red Eye standing together on a plane, with Armitage in handcuffs
Jing Lusi as DC Hana Li and Richard Armitage as Dr Matthew Nolan in Red Eye. Bad Wolf for ITV/ITVX

Unlike viewers, who will be able to binge the series from 10pm on Sunday 21st April, Moore had to wait around one month to get her hands on all of the scripts.

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"It was kind of like when you watch TV and you're waiting [to find out what's next], kind of like The Traitors," she said. "I sat and I watched it on TV every night and I was like, 'Where's this going?'

"So it was that same feeling. Not frustrating, more just like being kept on my toes."

Alongside Lusi, Armitage and Moore, Lesley Sharp also stars as MI5 director Madeline Delaney, who is monitoring the situation from the ground.

"Red Eye is a brilliantly addictive thriller with an international story taking place on the red eye flight from Heathrow to Beijing," said ITV's head of drama Polly Hill.

"Thanks to Peter A Dowling's scripts, the story will have the audience gripped and continually surprised throughout."

Red Eye premieres on ITV1 at 9pm on Sunday 21st April. Stream all episodes on ITVX after episode 1 airs.


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