The fourth episode of Annika season 2 ended with the father of Nicola Walker's detective making his return into her life, and now we have a first look at just how their reunion will play out.


In an exclusive clip for, Annika and her father Magnus are seen signing in at a resort where Morgan is on work experience, with Magnus revealing that it was Morgan who called him and convinced him to visit.

As the atmosphere between them remains frosty, they get an unwelcome surprise when the check-in attendant reveals they will be sharing a cabin.

You can watch the full clip right here now.

This season of Annika has so far featured plenty of personal drama for the detective, as she finally revealed to Michael that he is Morgan's father.

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Meanwhile, she has also been seen restarting her relationship with Paul McGann's therapist character Jake Strathearn - despite an awkward first re-encounter.

Walker previously teased that Annika's secrets would be "coming home to roost" this season, with the star explaining: "All families contain those secrets. We try not to unpack them, and we go day to day biting down and burying them.

"But in this series, a lot of Annika’s family secrets are going to come out.

"It's a very fulfilling drama series because it's not interested in cliffhangers. It likes to reveal. The whole premise is that Annika likes to reveal - maybe too much! She overshares sometimes.

"She uses you, the viewer, to work out, moment by moment, both the case and her life. So, there are secrets, but they're not secret for long. It turns out she's absolutely dreadful at keeping secrets - which is why I think I love her!"

Annika season 2 will continue on Alibi on Wednesday 6th September 2023 at 9pm. Check out more of our Drama coverage or visit our TV Guide and Streaming Guide to see what's on tonight.

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