As Nicola Walker returns to our screens in the second season of Annika this week, one of her co-stars has opened up about how their real-life pregnancy has been dealt with in the show.


Katie Leung, star of the Harry Potter film series who plays DC Blair Ferguson in Annika, has revealed that she initially approached the team behind the show with news of her pregnancy, saying "by the way, there’s a spanner in the works".

Leung said she received the "best response that a pregnant actor could ask for", with the team saying: "Congratulations, that's amazing. Can we write it into the show?'"

Leung said "absolutely", but also asked the team "not to make a big deal out of it in the script because I wanted to tell a realistic version of someone who can still be very capable at her job, while she’s eight months pregnant, because that’s what pregnant women around the world do".

Katie Leung in Annika
Katie Leung in Annika. UKTV/Graeme Hunter

When asked whether it is "excellent that Blair’s pregnancy is treated in such a matter-of-fact manner", Leung said: "Yes. Pre-pregnancy, if I saw a pregnant woman, I’d immediately go, 'Oh God. She’s fragile and vulnerable, wrap her in bubble wrap', which is how the team initially responds to Blair’s pregnancy.

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"Now that I am pregnant myself, I’m multitasking and more productive than ever and, knowing Blair, she wouldn’t let her pregnancy get in the way of what she loves doing so it was important to me that it would be treated in this matter-of-fact manner."

In January of this year Leung revealed on Instagram that her son Wolf had been born at Halloween in 2022. The second season of Annika was announced as being in production in August 2022.

Walker recently teased how season 2 will kick off for Annika, saying that "it took her the whole of the first series to get to this point where she realises that all her secrets are coming home to roost", and that now she's "going to have to deal with it all".

She continued: "All families contain those secrets. We try not to unpack them, and we go day to day biting down and burying them. But in this series, a lot of Annika’s family secrets are going to come out."

Annika season 2 will air on Alibi on Wednesday 9th August 2023 at 9pm. Check out more of our Drama coverage or visit our TV Guide and Streaming Guide to see what's on tonight.


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