Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams exposes awkward ‘lookalike’ on Twitter

The actress who plays Arya Stark sets a misguided fan straight in a hilariously deadpan tweet...

There’s so much to love in this single hilarious tweet from Maisie Williams. 


There’s the sheer excitement on the face of the fan who, quite wrongly, believes he has just met his Game of Thrones idol.

There’s the fact that the girl in the photo looks quite a lot like Maisie and yet not at all like her at the same time.

There are the obvious questions about how it all came about – who approached who; does this girl go around pretending to be Maisie all the time; has she simply got so used to being ‘spotted’ that she now just goes with it?


And then there’s Maisie’s brilliantly deadpan response. Enjoy…

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