Auf Wiedersehen Pet, Kenneth Branagh and The Sky at Night – a look back at what we were watching

Let's jump in the TV time machine...

Here at, we love a good dose of nostalgia, especially when it involves remembering the best, worst and weirdest TV shows from the past. What was on our telly said a lot about the time we were living in, and there are some fascinating moment of social and cultural history to be found in Radio Times magazines from years ago. So, each week we’ll be delving into the archive to reveal what we were watching in times gone by…


Here’s what we were watching the week beginning with Monday 27th April in the year…


Comedy drama Auf Wiedersehen Pet returned to BBC1 after a break of 16 years. Timothy Spall, who played Barry the Brummie, said, “we actors all bonded and have remained friends ever since.” Ahead of new documentary, Young Posh and Loaded, about the country’s wealthiest twenty-somethings, playboy prince Alexander described a good night out on the town. “To score quadruple: to try to entertain four ladies in an evening.” Recently, however, he’d given a £5,000 Cartier watch to a “stunning” girl he’d met – and then never saw her again. 


Ahead of a Radio 3 production of Hamlet, John Gielgud and Kenneth Branagh posed on the cover. Branagh played Hamlet and Gielgud played the ghost of his father, alongside a starry cast that included Emma Thompson, Judi Dench and Derek Jacobi. Gielgud told Radio Times he sometimes read poetry for the Queen Mother at her house in Windsor. “She enjoys that,” he said. 



Patrick Moore featured on the cover as The Sky at Night celebrated its 25th anniversary. Back on Earth, as the Falklands crisis deepened, Panorama had an interview with Margaret Thatcher. Robert Kee, who would be interviewing the Prime Minister, remarked that “people, including some in her own party, wonder if she will still be Prime Minister by 26 April.”