Soderbergh directs new hospital drama The Knick

Tension and drama reign supreme as Academy Award winner Steven Soderbergh unites with Oscar- and Emmy-nominated Clive Owen in Sky Atlantic’s brand-new period medical serie

Despite reports that he’s threatened to take a break from directing, or even stop all together, Steven Soderbergh’s appetite for creating compelling drama is back with a vengeance in The Knick. It’s film, it seems, that the Ocean’s Eleven director wants to leave behind, and cinema’s loss is television’s gain.


These days, TV is where it’s at when it comes to excellent content, with viewers devouring quality programmes replete with rich characters and intricately plotted storylines crafted by some of the biggest behind-the-camera talents around. And this autumn, Sky brings viewers some of the best stuff on the box.

Take The Knick, which kicks off on Sky Atlantic this month. The Knick is Soderbergh’s latest venture, and with it, the acclaimed filmmaker steps once again into the driving seat. Taking on directing duties for the scintillating ten-part series, he skillfully brings the Jack Amiel/Michael Begler-scripted series to vivid life on the small screen.

Starring Clive Owen, this 1900s-set medical drama revolves around a team of ahead-of-their-time surgeons, nurses and staff working in a New York hospital called The Knickerbocker. With newcomer Dr. John Thackery (Owen) leading the charge on discovering and achieving medical firsts as he balances his work against cocaine and opium addictions, he’s keen to raise his profile and cement his reputation.

Meanwhile, Harvard-educated Dr. Algernon Edwards (Andre Holland) battles for respect equally from his colleagues and further afield as a black doctor operating in a racially-charged city.

Following the professional and personal lives of the mix of fascinating characters, The Knick is a tension-filled look at pushing medical boundaries at a time of shockingly high mortality rates and no antibiotics.


The Knick is on Thursdays at 9pm on Sky Atlantic. Catch up with the first episode on Saturday 18th October at 10:15pm