Downton Abbey gets even racier in Sunday’s episode

The Crawleys and contraception? Some residents of the Abbey are about to get distressingly modern in episode two, teases Ellie Walker-Arnott

If you thought Edith’s secret love child and Jimmy’s cross-class encounter was scandalous, hold on to your bejewelled hats… Downton Abbey is about to get a whole lot more modern… 


Last week’s series 5 opening episode hinted at racy scenes to come, with Mary lamenting the fact that ladies can’t really ‘get to know’ their prospective husbands before saying ‘I do’ and Gillingham proposing a naughty trip where the pair of them could live as lovers. A kind of marital road test, if you will.

But that flirty banter is about to turn into something a lot more serious in episode two, as Mary delves into the practical necessities that come with engaging in secret pre-marital sex.

And yes, I do mean contraception. 

I know. Birth control in at the Abbey. Who’d have thought it?

I won’t spoil it for you – there’s no fun in that – but I will say that you should put aside your Victorian preconceptions about preconception and maybe loosen your dinner shirt a button or two before settling down to Sunday’s instalment.


Downton Abbey continues on Sunday at 9:00pm on ITV