Brand-new sitcom Big Boys starts on Channel 4 this week, and tells the story of Jack, a dweeby boy on his way to university.


When there he meets Danny, and despite the two being completely different from one another in many ways, a friendship is born.

The six-part series stars Derry Girls' Dylan Llewellyn, alongside former Doctor Who and Not Going Out actors, and is written and narrated by comedian Jack Rooke.

Read on for everything you need to know about the cast of Big Boys on Channel 4.

Who's in the cast of Big Boys on Channel 4?

Dylan Llewellyn as Jack

Dylan Llewellyn as Jack in Big Boys.
Dylan Llewellyn as Jack in Big Boys. Channel 4

Who is Jack? Jack is a dweeby, sheltered, closeted boy from Watford who is trying to both overcome grief after his dad’s passing and figure out what he actually wants in life. He takes up a scholarship at a local uni at the start of the series so he can make something of himself.

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Where have I seen Dylan Llewellyn before? Llewellyn is best known for his role as James in Derry Girls, but has also appeared in Call the Midwife and Holby City, and has a role in the upcoming Danny Boyle Sex Pistols series, Pistol, on Disney Plus.

Jon Pointing as Danny

Jon Pointing as Danny in Big Boys.
Jon Pointing as Danny in Big Boys. Channel 4

Who is Danny? Danny is a loud and proud lads’ lad, who hails from a run-down seaside town. He is a few years older than the other freshers and is trying to live out a lost adolescence whilst confronting the demons of his own mental health.

Where have I seen Jon Pointing before? Pointing is best known for playing Jason in Plebs and Charlie in Pls Like. He also appeared in two episodes of Rose Matafeo's series Starstruck.

Camille Coduri as Peggy

Camille Coduri as Peggy in Big Boys.
Camille Coduri as Peggy in Big Boys. Kevin Baker/Channel 4

Who is Peggy? Peggy is Jack's potty-mouthed mother, who persuaded him to take the scholarship and go to uni.

Where have I seen Camille Coduri before? Coduri is probably best known for playing Jackie Tyler, Rose's mother in Doctor Who. She has also appeared in King Gary, Death in Paradise and This Time with Alan Partridge.

Katy Wix as Jules

Katy Wix as Jules in Big Boys.
Katy Wix as Jules in Big Boys. Channel 4

Who is Jules? Jules is the head of the university's students union, who was once a student there herself a decade ago and has just never left.

Where have I seen Katy Wix before? Wix appeared as Daisy in Not Going Out from 2007 to 2015, but has also had roles in Miranda, Stath Lets Flats, Ghosts and Torchwood, amongst other series.

Izuka Hoyle as Corinne

Izuka Hoyle
Izuka Hoyle David M. Benett/Dave Benett/WireImage/Getty

Who is Corinne? Corinne is a sharp, study-centric Scot who’s also learning to let her hair down.

Where have I seen Izuka Hoyle before? Hoyle recently appeared in Amazon series The Wheel of Time, and has had roles in films including Mary Queen of Scots and Boiling Point. She is also known for playing Catherine Parr in Six the Musical.

Olisa Odele as Yemi

Yemi (Olisa Odele) with Jack (Dylan llewellyn) in Big Boys
Yemi (Olisa Odele) with Jack (Dylan Llewellyn) in Big Boys Channel 4

Who is Yemi? Yemi is a savvy fashion-kid who has already seen it all and done it all. He begrudgingly guides the group through Freshers and beyond.

Where have I seen Olisa Odele before? Odele is best known for appearing Michaela Coel's series Chewing Gum, and also recently had a role in It's a Sin.

Jack Rooke as Narrator

Jack Rooke
Jack Rooke David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images for dunhill

Where have I seen Jack Rooke before? Rooke is a comedian and writer known for his award-winning comedy shows Good Grief, Happy Hour and Love Letters, on which Big Boys is based. Rooke narrates the series.

Big Boys starts Thursday 26th May 2022 on Channel 4 and All 4. Check out more of our Comedy coverage or visit our TV Guide to see what's on tonight.


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