Derry Girls season 3 has come to an end, with a heartbreaking season finale followed by a special bonus episode set during the Good Friday Agreement referendum.


However, fans convinced that a follow-up season or Derry Girls movie is on the horizon will be sorely disappointed, with creator and writer Lisa McGee confirming earlier this week that there are no immediate plans for any follow-ups.

Speaking at a press screening for the bonus episode, she said that she and director Michael Lennox had floated some potential ideas for spin-offs, but that the season 3 delays due to COVID-19 put those on hold.

Why won't there be a Derry Girls season 4?

Orla and Erin lying on a bed together
Orla Mccool and Erin in Derry Girls season 3 Channel 4

In April 2022, McGee hinted to Radio Times magazine that the Derry Girls story is "complete".

"You never know what will happen in 10 years’ time, but as a writer, you just know when it’s complete. I’ll miss them, but I feel like I got to take those characters exactly where I wanted to take them," she said.

Speaking ahead of the third season finale, McGee told and other press that there are no immediate plans for a Derry Girls movie.

"We haven't actually talked about it. We were just so knackered [by the end of season 3]. Mike [director Michael Lennox] and I just started sort of sending each other ideas to amuse ourselves, ideas about things, but I think because of what happened with COVID, all our things just got put on hold for the whole time.

"I mean, I love this world and I'd love to [return to it] at some point, you know, but it's just finding the right thing," she said.

She added: "I definitely think [there's a potential for a spin-off about] the mums and those maybe older characters... There's so many like, generations and stuff on it. But no, basically we haven't really thought."

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