The more time goes on, the more devices that we seem to have that constantly need to be charged at all times - and if you live in a busy house then the chance are you will even struggle to count how many devices that would be.


So having decent charging cables is a must and we all know that some of the standard cables you get packaged with devices are not as good as they could be – and even if they are up to scratch, there's a good chance we will lose them soon after buying. Even shopping around for a new one can be confusing as there is a huge amount of choice out there.

The USB-C cables are the best charging wires on the market right now and we have taken a look around the web to find some of the best you can buy - and some are far cheaper than you may think. And if you're on a wider cable hunt, you may want to take a look at our best HDMI cable article.

What is a USB C cable?

A USB C is a USB connector that is far more powerful and much easier to use than any of the ones you would have been able to buy beforehand. They are a lot quicker at transferring data and at charging your devices - but keep in mind that your device may not benefit from one of these so while they will still work, you may not see the speed if you are just using it for your smartphone for example.

6 of the best USB C cables to buy

Anker Powerline II

Best for: Being extremely durable

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anker powerline

There are a couple of downsides to the Anker Powerline II and let's get them out of the way first. The cables are not the longest out there so if you need one with length then this may be too short for you (it's 3 foot) - other cables on the market do feel a little nicer to touch too with this one feeling a tad rigid - but that's where the small list of downsides ends.

This may be a simple design but it does the job and it does so at a low price that makes it one of the leading USB-C cables out there - so don't go thinking you are buying something of lesser quality as while it may be "budget", it is a cable that we will always recommend.

And while others come with fancy extras such as cases, this one simply gets delivered to you with a neat cable tie and it comes in a variety of different colours so you aren't just stuck with the one to choose from!

Apple USB-C Charge Cable

Best for: Having longer length cable options

apple usb c charger

Apple has a variety of products that it has made its own version of and the USB-C charging cable is no exception. You know what you are getting with Apple - a sturdy product with a decent warranty that will do all you need it to do.

Whereas others you can buy are short, this one is 2m long and should take care of most devices that you need to connect. This is a cable that we highly recommend picking up and one good thing that is important to note is it will work with devices that aren't Apple too so you don't have to have a house full of Apple products to make the most of it.

AmazonBasics USB-C

Best for: Perfect for buying in multiples

amazon basics usb c

Do not let the word 'basics' put you off from giving the USB-C cable from Amazon some serious consideration as you will be passing up a cable that will not only meet your charging and transferring needs, but comes at no great cost and in three different colours - rose gold, dark grey and silver.

The cable does not feel budget in any way either. It is made from decent material and feels nice to touch, it features an Apple MFi certified chip with an improved chipset and the cable supports almost every device you could possibly need it for. This is a superb cable, particularly if you are needing to buy a few of them for various different devices as the price certainly leads to the notion of buying more than one.

Syncwire USB 3.0

Best for: Reliability and durability is assured with the Syncwire 3.0.


Syncwire is proud to say that they make their USB-C cables from some of the finest material around and this does feel like a premium product when you use it - quite something when you realise how low cost this is to purchase.

Apple, Google, LG, HTC, Lenovo, HP and Asus are just a few of the many many brands that the cable will work perfectly fine with and full speed charges are something that Syncwire say you will get with their cable - 10x faster than you would get with a regular old USB. This is a slightly thicker cable than you will normally see but, happily, it does nothing to stop it from being flexible.

Nekteck USB-C

Best for: Great durability at a low cost

nekteck usb c

Despite not being the longest cable you can buy - it is 3.3 feet so around a metre - if you don't care too much about length then we recommend giving the Nekteck USB-C some real consideration. There are a number of reasons why this is one that is a worthwhile purchase.

The double-braided nylon material that the cable is made of makes it look and feel like a sturdy, effective purchase while it still keeps the cost low so that it does not price itself out of the market. Also, if you care a lot about durability you will be pleased to hear that this is great for that thanks to the reinforced aluminium shielding - it has also been tested and should last you upwards of 10,000 uses!

Belkin USB Type-C

Best for: Reaching 10Gbps transfer rates


How does a transfer speed of 10Gbps sound? If that sounds like just the speed you were looking for then meet the Belkin USB-C cable - your likely new cable of choice going forward. Belkin is a brand that can be trusted and they make products that you know will do the job and stand the test of time.

Having a USB-A 3.1 connection at the end gives this an added boost over its rivals (USB-C cables normally have USB-A 2.0 or 3.0) and the charging speeds of this one have been praised - and for good reason. The Belkin USB Type C is compatible with all the major brands and devices and despite being a tad pricier than others you can buy, it is still available at an affordable price and it's worth spending that little extra for one of the finer cables around.


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