Tracking devices are quickly becoming a must-have for travellers who want to reduce the risk of their luggage getting lost and want peace of mind when going away. You can put the small pieces of tech in your handbag, suitcase, wallet or even pocket and then track the device as it moves in real-time.


They are especially helpful when flying if there's a risk of your bag getting lost or if you know you have a tendency to leave things behind. Using Bluetooth and GPS, the tracking devices are able to relay their location back to your phone, laptop and tablet with almost pinpoint accuracy.

One of the most popular of these trackers is the £35 Apple AirTag. This tracker is favoured among travellers, but Apple AirTags only works with Apple products.

So, if you don't own a piece of Apple hardware you won't be able to find your tracker, deeming it pointless. Instead, if you want a tracker that doesn't rely solely on Apple, or one that may be a bit cheaper, we've got a list of the best alternatives to Apple AirTags.

Each one we have selected has great tracking capabilities, is affordable, and can be paired with a variety of devices, including Androids. Read on to see our six favourite tracking device alternatives to the Apple AirTags.

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The best AirTag alternatives at a glance

Best Apple AirTag alternatives to track your items with in 2024

Our top picks of the best AirTag alternatives:

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag2

Best tracker for pinpoint accuracy

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag2
Samsung Galaxy SmartTag2. Samsung

The Galaxy SmartTag2 is similar in price to the Apple AirTag but provides a great alternative for those who don't own an Apple device. The SmartTag2 is compatible with all Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets with Android 11 or later. The tag is small and boasts a 500-day battery life, as well as being water and dust resistance.

If the tag is nearby, you can switch on the SmartThingsFind app and it can point you towards the tag with a compass-like feature. You can also instruct the SmartTag2 to ring out to you if you're still struggling to locate it.

Samsung promotes the SmartTag2 as a great way to locate lost keys and luggage during travel while also being useful for providing enhanced security on belongings like bicycles.

Get the Samsung Galaxy SmartTag2 for £34 at Samsung

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Tile Pro (2022)

Best smart tracker

Tile Pro 2022
Tile Pro (2022). Amazon

The Tile Pro (2022) is another fantastic tracker which has a variety of added features that make travelling less stressful. First off, this tracker is compatible with iOS and Android phones so it will work with whatever device you own. It has a Bluetooth range of 120 metres, so if your tracker is within this distance to your phone you can find its exact location.

It also works via GPS to give you a more general location, helpful if you're travelling and want to know your bags are in the right country with you. It's water and dust-resistant and compatible with multiple voice assistants, including Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri.

This tracker also works the opposite way and can help you find a paired phone. If you double-click TilePro (2022), it will ring your phone, even if your phone is on silent.

Get the Tile Pro 2022 for £29.99 £26.99 at Amazon

Best for added features

Eufy SmartTrack Link
Eufy SmartTrack Link Eufy

The Eufy SmartTrack Link is very similar to the Apple AirTag and provides a slightly more affordable way to track your belongings without compromising on functionality. It pairs with Apple's 'FindMy' feature, like the AirTag, and offers features like a left-behind alarm which can be heard from a room away. Eufy also has its own app, so the tag is suitable for Android users as well.

The app enables users to share item locations with friends and family and gives you left-behind alerts. Similar to the TilePro, Eufy can also be paired with your phone so you can ring it from the tag. It also has a QR code on the back that people can use to contact you if they find your tag on lost keys, wallets, luggage, etc.

Get the Eufy SmartTrack Link for £19.99 at Eufy

Chipolo One

Best tracker for battery life

Chipolo Tracker
Chipolo Tracker Chipolo

The Chipolo tracker is an impressive piece of tech which comes in a variety of colourways. Not only is it visually appealing, but the small tracker also has over two years worth of battery life and connects to both Android and iOS devices. It is a hassle-free tracker which can quickly clip around keys and luggage and is one of the few trackers that does actually look like a tag.

The Chipolo app pairs with the tracker to allow users to find their items using Bluetooth and GPS. It has notifications for if you leave your item behind with a loud alarm of 120 dB to help you find the tracker (and the item it's attached to). Chipolo also has a phone ringing feature and voice control compatibility with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Siri.

Get the Chipolo One for £22 at Chipolo

Atuvos Tracker

Best tracker for iOS users

Autvos Tracker
Atuvos Tracker. Amazon

The ATUVOS Tracker is similar to the Apple AirTag as it is only compatible with iOS devices, think your iPhone, iPad, and Mac. It pairs with the 'Find My' iOS app and you can use the app to ring the tracker, setting off a loud 80-100dB alarm to help you locate your items.

It has an expansive Bluetooth range of up to 120 metres, which means that you can accurately pinpoint the tracker when it's in your vicinity. When not close to you, the tracker still relays its position using GPS, just not as pinpoint. The ATUVOS also offers 'left-behind' alerts and 'lost mode' notifications.

Get the Atuvos Tracker for £18.99 at Amazon

Tracki Tracker

Best lightweight tracker

Tracki Tracker
Tracki Tracker

The Tracki Tracker is versatile and weighs only 42g making it suitable for luggage, keys, wallets, and also the tracking of pets. It uses GPS, and W-Fi and can also use 4G+3G+2G technology for coverage across all different networks. When you set up your Tracki Tracker you can choose to receive SOS messages and alerts from the tracker when it's experiencing low-battery or speed and movement changes.

These can be sent using push notifications, text or email. As well as the tracker, you'll also receive attachments like a strong magnet, waterproof silicone cover, belt clip, key ring, and lanyard. The downside of the Trackki Tracker is that you must buy a subscription to use it, these start at £6.25 a month.

Get the Tracki Tracker for £19.99 £16.88 at Amazon


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