Christmas present shopping is no mean feat. What do you buy for the person who has everything, or for your fussiest friend, or you partner's cousin's great-aunt? We've all got that someone in our life who is impossible to buy for when it comes to the festive season. But with Audible, you can make your present buying saga that bit easier this year, thanks to their gift cards.


Audible is the Amazon service that offers up access to thousands of audiobooks, podcasts and original stories. Memberships to Audible are now available to buy as a gift voucher, allowing your loved one the chance to listen to any book they could possibly dream of.

Audible gift cards give your recipient a subscription to the service for either one, three, six or 12 months at prices ranging from £7.99 to £69.99. This means there's an option for all budgets - or for just the price of one listen, you can send someone a specific book.

Interested? Everything you need to know about giving an Audible gift card or a specific Audible book is set out below.

Give an Audible gift card or voucher from £7.99

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Can you get an Audible gift card or voucher in the UK?

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Audible gift cards are available to buy in the UK for either one, three, six or 12 month subscriptions. Recipients of the voucher will all receive unlimited listening to thousands of audio titles, as well as access to the Plus Catalogue and one free credit per month.

Here are the four gift vouchers you can buy:

  • One month membership | £7.99
  • Three month membership | £23.99
  • Nine month membership | £47.99
  • 12 month membership | £69.99

The voucher is available to buy in email form or can be printed out for hand delivery, or to tuck under the Christmas tree or in someone's stocking. It’s best to check if the intended recipient has a subscription already - but if they do, never fear. Existing members can use their subscription voucher as credit instead.

Here’s how to give an Audible gift card in the UK:

It's pretty simple! Follow these easy steps below to give an Audible gift card:

  1. Follow this Audible Gift Centre link.
  2. Choose between a one, three, six or 12 month subscription and click "Gift Membership".
  3. Enter the recipient’s name and email address, as well as your name and your desired delivery date.
  4. Customise the voucher.
  5. Click "Buy Now for £-" and enter your payment details.
  6. Confirm the purchase when ready.
  7. Your recipient will then receive the Audible gift voucher by email on the scheduled date.

Give an Audible gift card or voucher from £7.99

Can you gift a specific Audible book in the UK?

For those looking to spend less, or perhaps wanting a more personal touch, you can always send your loved one a specific book to listen to. Whether it’s Pride and Prejudice for a Jane Austen fan or the latest sporting biography, you can track down the read you want and send it directly with a personalised message - a lovely festive treat.

Again, if it turns out that your recipient already has the title you wanted to gift, the book will turn into credit and give them a chance to pick something else.

Here’s how to gift an Audible book in the UK:

Follow this step-by-step guide to gift an Audible book in no time at all:

  1. Choose a specific title and go to checkout normally.
  2. Click the “Give as a gift” link and enter the recipient’s details.
  3. Enter your payment details.
  4. Confirm the purchase when ready.
  5. Your recipient will then receive the Audible gift voucher by e-mail on the scheduled date.

Give an Audible gift card or voucher from £7.99

What’s the benefit of gifting an Audible subscription or book?

Giving someone the book they’ve been hankering after is a classic way to celebrate Christmas, or any other special occasion. Except now, you can shake up the tradition by gifting them a thrilling audio experience instead.

Audible is an audiobook service owned by Amazon that offers the world’s largest selection of titles, ranging from age old classics to new releases. Subscribers have unlimited access to thousands of Audible Originals, podcasts and audiobooks, as well as an extra credit to spend each month.

Listeners can download or stream their chosen titles which may be read aloud by a narrator, the authors themselves, well-known stars or even performed by an audio cast. Some of the service’s most notable editions include Richard Osman’s latest mystery The Last Devil To Die, read by Harry Potter actress Fiona Shaw, The Diary of a CEO, narrated by the author Steven Bartlett himself, and J K Rowling's Harry Potter books, narrated by Stephen Fry.

Many podcasts also have famous hosts — for instance, the popular sleep aid podcast Sleep Sound which sees different celebrities guide you into deep snoozes is back again, this time narrated by Maya Jama. Then there's Michael Caine’s podcast Heist is about famous robberies, and Jack Whitehall’s Safe Space, which gets the most glamorous of celebrities opening up about their cringiest moments.

Audible has been around for many years now and its catalogue of exciting stories and gripping listens will only grow. Available to listen to on any device including phones, laptops and Amazon speakers, the service is the perfect entertainment for any commute, long journey or chore day.

Give an Audible gift card or voucher from £7.99


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