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Best printer deals and offers in March 2021

Here are the best deals on laser and inkjet printers from HP, Canon, Epson and more.

Best printer deals and offers

You might hear lots of talk about our paperless society, but a printer is still a very handy tool to have at home. And much more so in recent times – soon after the UK went into its first national lockdown in March last year, retailers struggled to cope with a huge spike in printer sales.


Luckily, stock levels are now much better than they were, though many cheaper models are still widely out of stock. Whether you need a printer for work-related activities (the office printer now little but a fond memory) or personal things like printing family photos, it’s something that will definitely benefit most households.

The main reason for that is that printers are really not that much of an investment in today’s market. Yes, you can potentially spend as much as £300 or £400 on a larger laser printer, but the vast majority of home printers are far cheaper, costing between £50 and £100. Compared to other electronics products, printers don’t evolve or age that quickly – so you can be assured that a well-chosen printer should serve you for several years.

But it’s important to choose one that’s capable of doing everything you need it to. Read on for our pick of the best deals on laser, inkjet and photo printers this month, followed by a guide to help you pick your perfect printer. And to keep it restocked with the best value cartridges, don’t miss our guide on where to buy printer ink.

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Best printer deals and offers in March 2021

HP printer deals

HP Printer Deals

There are several Hewlett Packard printers on sale at the moment. That 21% price drop on The DeskJet Plus 4130 is a particularly good one: it will set you up with a printer that not only scans but also has built-in Wi-Fi, so you needn’t bother with cables.

Canon printer deals

Canon printer deals

There’s currently a wealth of Canon printers on sale. Certainly, if you’re looking for a budget-end home printer that takes up little space, you could do far worse than the wireless Pixma TS5151, which is currently £10 cheaper at Currys.

Epson printer deals

Epson printer deals

Epson is the brand that has the most printers on sale right now. Savings mostly run from fair to middling, but the 30% drop on the EcoTank M1100 at Laptops Direct is a solid one. If you need a simple document printer, this is a great shout at just under £90.

Where to find printer deals

Here is a list of retailers that stock printers and offer discounts on their products.

The best time in the calendar to pick up a printer deal, without a doubt, is Black Friday. It’s always in this hectic sales period that we’ve seen the biggest price drops on printers, often in the form of brand sales. Of course, Black Friday is some time away – and if you don’t see any printer deals listed above that take your fancy, our advice is to bookmark this article, as we keep it regularly updated with all the best discounts.

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What to consider when browsing printer offers

Here are a few tips to help you pick out the right printer for you.

  • Make sure you know what you want from your printer. Do you need it for black and white documents or photos? There’s no price differences between monochrome and colour inkjet printers – you’ll find both start at around £50. Because of this, we generally recommend most people invest in a colour home printer. The price situation starts to differ with bigger laser printers, where monochrome models start at around £80, and colour models start at £200.
  • You probably already know that laser printers are best for documents and inkjet printers are best for photos. This is true, but you’ll need to factor in how much printing you’ll need to do. An entry-level colour inkjet of around £50 won’t deliver the same quality of results as one of £150.
  • For sheer convenience, you might want to go for an all-in-one printer – several of which you’ll find in the deals we’ve listed above. These have built-in Wi-Fi, which means you can link your device (phone, tablet, camera) directly to the printer without the need for a desktop computer as a middle-man. This can certainly be a wise option for homes where different occupants have their own laptops versus a single shared desktop computer.
  • An additional feature to look out for is an in-built scanner. This was once something of a jazzy extra feature, but you’ll find these on many of the cheaper-end models now, starting at around £75.

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