Of all the tech that may be gathering dust inside your home office or cupboard, in between the pile of old phones that you keep meaning to recycle and the seemingly random assortment of cables you are saving just in case, it’s the home printer and, yes, a big stack of paper, that are definitely worth keeping around.


Perhaps you need to print a returns label, make a copy of your records for travelling, print out some family photos, produce a hard copy of a bank statement or make a handful of artsy homemade wedding invites for close friends.

Whatever you need the printer to do, it’s important to pair it with the right type of sheets – and you may be surprised by how many factors there are to consider when you are shopping for paper, including size, weight, coating and colouring.

While many tasks, forms and documents can easily be edited and sent online these days, the classic printer-paper combo is far from dead in 2022. And even better, there are models, like in our best budget printers guide, that cost under £100.

So, here’s what you need to know about the best paper you can buy for your home printer, alongside a couple of tips that will help you make the best purchase.

Best printer paper at a glance:

Types of home printer paper

There are a lot of buzzwords when shopping for printer paper, so here are some of the main types that you will encounter when searching for it online:

Multi-purpose: A very common sheet type, this is standard matte white paper for black/white or colours that works with both inkjet and laser printers.

Inkjet paper: Available in various finishes and colours – including matte or glossy this paper will be intended to work with standard inkjet home printers.

Laser printer: This is paper for laser printers, which are often found in businesses and office buildings where users need the ability to print in higher volumes.

Bright white: While your typical paper is matte white, the bright wide paper has a more non-textured texture that's much better for double-sided printing.

Gloss/Photo: Just like it sounds, this is what you need for printing out photos, as it has a shiny coating on one side, with better colours and image sharpness.

Sticker: Not all types of printer paper are blank on both sides. Sticker sheets can work with both inkjet and laser models, featuring one side that’s self-adhesive.

Picking up paper from the home printer
Picking up paper from a home printer Getty Images

Where to buy ink and toner cartridges

So you have a new printer and some paper. There’s another component that’s still missing: the ink and toner cartridges. These can often be bought directly from the brand’s website, but are also stocked at some high street and online retailers. 

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How to choose the best printer paper

It may not be the most exciting purchase you have ever made, but it’s important to make sure you choose the right paper for your needs. Here’s how to start:

Size: First, consider what size your document needs to be. The most common size is A4 (210 x 297 mm/8.3 x 11.7 in) but photos may need to be smaller. Luckily, most home printers these days are able to print out in various paper sizes.

Type: If you just need to print a black/white document on one side, stick with the multi-purpose paper, but you may need glossy paper if you are printing photos. On top of this, you’ll need to consider how thick you want the paper to be.

Weight: Generally, the heavier the paper, the higher the weight. We measure this in Grams per Square Metre, or GSM. The higher the GSM, the thicker the paper. Typical matte white paper is usually 80GSM, but it goes into the hundreds.

Colour: Of course, you may need paper that’s not the typical matte white colour. So it’s good news that printer paper doesn’t only come in a range of different sizes, but shades, too. This includes yellow, orange, green, pink, blue and more.

Opacity: This is a reference to how much light is able to seep through the paper. Typically, this is measured between the numbers 0 and 100 - with 0 being pretty much transparent (often used for tracing) and 100 being completely opaque.

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Best printer paper to buy in 2023

Unsure which paper is for you? Here are our recommendations of which packs will work well with your printer. Unless otherwise stated, the paper size is A4.

Amazon Basics Printer Paper, £32.68

Best all-rounder | 2,500 Sheets, 80 gsm

Amazon Basics Printer Paper

If you don’t use your printer very often but need some paper to keep at home, this paper pack contains 500 sheets of 80 gsm multipurpose copy paper that works with all types of devices, including inkjet, laser, copiers and fax machines.

Buy Amazon Basics Printer Paper at Amazon

Double A A4 Printer Paper, £11.85

Best for general use | 500 Sheets, 80 gsm

Double A, A4 Printer Paper

This A4 single ream paper pack from Double A is another great option for home printing – in both black/white and colour toner – via inkjet or laser machines.

Buy Double A A4 Printer Paper at Amazon

AmazonBasics Copy Paper, £32.68

Best multi-purpose pack | 2,500 sheets, 80gsm

AmazonBasics Copy Paper

If your printer is always in use, then you will likely need much more paper than a single ream can provide. For a no-fuss package, this AmazonBasics 5-pack has all you could ask for: 80 gsm, 2,500 sheets and inkjet/laser device compatibility.

More like this

Buy Amazon Basics Multi-purpose Paper at Amazon

Kodak A4 Gloss Photo Paper, £6.97

Best for photo prints | 20 sheets, 180 gsm

Kodak A4 Gloss Photo Paper

Suitable for home inkjet printers only, this 20-sheet pack of A4 photo paper has a gloss finish and promises quick drying with no smudging. There are additional paper products in the series: 50 sheets of 240 gsm and 50 sheets of 280 gsm.

Buy Kodak A4 Gloss Photo Paper at Amazon

TownStix 10 Colour Art Paper, £8.79

Best coloured paper | 100 sheets, 120 gsm

TownStix 10 Colour Art Paper

This 10-pack of A4 120 gsm sheets includes multiple colours: Yellow, Red, Light Blue, Orange, Pink, Blue, Purple, Green, Violet. While heavier than the standard 80 gsm sheets, these are compatible with both inkjet and laser home printers.

Buy TownStix 10 Colour Art Paper at Amazon

Nuco Navigator for Colour Printing, £5.81

Best for printing colours | 250 Sheets, 120 gsm

Nuco Navigator for Colour Printing

If you are printing colour toner, this white 120 gsm paper from Navigator is a top option. It works with laser and inkjet printers, with the extra thickness and “ultra-bright” colour meaning that it is also well-suited for double-sided printing.

Buy Nuco Navigator for Colour Printing at Amazon

PEPRA Sticker Paper, £7.99

Best sticker paper | 50 sheets, 80 gsm

PEPRA Sticker Paper

Working with both inkjet and laser machines, each A4 sheet comes with a sticky self-adhesive back that peels off and can be cut down to size if needed. We chose the matte version, but there is also a glossy alternative for the same price.

Buy PEPRA Sticker Printer Paper at Amazon

HP Everyday Glossy Photo Paper, £11.99

Best for HP gloss | 100 Sheets, 200 gsm, 10x15 cm

HP Everyday Glossy Photo Paper

HP is a popular printer brand, and if you have one of its inkjet models and want to print photos look no further than this 100-sheet pack of gloss paper. Each sheet is 10 x 15 cm in size and offers photo-like paper at an affordable price point.

Buy HP Everyday Glossy Photo Paper at Amazon

Multicopy Zero A4 Paper, £11.73

Best for sustainability | 500 sheets, 80gsm

Multicopy Zero A4 Paper

If sustainability is a priority when choosing paper (as it should be!), this 500-sheet MultiCopy pack is a great option. It is suitable for inkjet machines and crucially is sustainably sourced and manufactured to the point that it’s carbon neutral.

Buy Multicopy Zero A4 Paper at Amazon


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