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When is Overwatch 2 released? What’s it about? Is there a trailer?

Tracer, Winston and co are finally getting a story mode


Since its debut in 2015 as a casual hero shooter, Overwatch has evolved through constant updates into one of the most popular videogames of modern times, as well as one of the biggest esports titles in the world. News of a follow-up should come of no surprise then, but it’s not a sequel in the usual sense – the first Overwatch will also receive many of the updates…


Here’s everything you need to know about this unconventional sequel…

When is Overwatch 2 released?

Blizzard is yet to announce an official release date for Overwatch 2. However, Playstation Brazil announced in a since-deleted tweet that the game will launch in 2020, so we may well see Tracer and co return this year.

What consoles and platforms will Overwatch 2 be available on?

Like the original, Overwatch 2 is expected to release on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Microsoft Windows, though a port to PS5 and Xbox Series X is also likely.

What’s Overwatch 2 about?

Overwatch is a first-person hero shooter, in which two teams of six choose a character with its own unique abilities and then fight for objectives on different maps.

Overwatch 2 will build on this premise but will add new maps, a new tug-of-war multiplayer mode called Push, and new heroes including Canadian gunslinger Sojourn and flying robot Echo.

After introductory hero cinematics in the first game, Overwatch 2 will have a full-on story mode for the first time as part of the introduction of co-op modes. Four players will work together against computer-controlled opponents in Story Missions which expand the game’s lore, and Hero missions in which players fight off waves of enemies.

Oddly enough, Overwatch 2 isn’t your average sequel as much of the content will also be added to the original. New heroes, maps and some of the new modes will be added to the first Overwatch free of charge, creating a shared multiplayer environment meaning players on both games can play against each other.


Is there a trailer for Overwatch 2?

Yes – it’s suitably fun and colourful: