Overwatch has changed quite a bit since it was first released in 2016, most notably with the release of Overwatch 2 and the move to a free-to-play Battle Pass model.


However, another significant change has been the steady trickling of new heroes being added to the game, including a few brand-new characters introduced exclusively for Overwatch 2.

It does mean, however, that we now have a rather sizeable roster of 35 different heroes, who are each unlocked in slightly different ways.

Luckily, we have compiled a guide of all the playable characters and how to unlock them below - though new players especially will have to prepare for quite the grind!

Overwatch 2 DPS characters

Overwatch update 3.07 is here.

DPS stands for Damage Per Second, which nicely sums up that this class is all about dealing damage to your opponents quickly and painfully. DPS characters are by far the most popular class in Overwatch, which is reflected in its roster which is the largest of all the classes.

Don't forget that wins count as double progress to completing games! Here's the list, with how to unlock each character in brackets:

  • Ashe (Complete 50 games)
  • Bastion (Complete 30 games)
  • Echo (Complete 150 games)
  • Genji (Complete 1 game)
  • Hanzo (Complete 9 games)
  • Junkrat (Complete 12 games)
  • Cassidy (Complete 3 games)
  • Mei (Complete 70 games)
  • Pharah (Included at launch)
  • Reaper (Included at launch)
  • Sojourn (Season 1 log in)
  • Soldier 76 (Included at launch)
  • Sombra (Complete 115 games)
  • Symmetra (Complete 20 games)
  • Torbjorn (Included at launch)
  • Tracer (Included at launch)
  • Widowmaker (Included at launch)

Overwatch 2 support characters

Sojourn running in Overwatch 2

An essential part of any team, the underrated Support characters are crucial for boosting allies both offensively and defensively. They can also downgrade enemy effectiveness, so are not to be sniffed at...

  • Ana (Complete 4 games)
  • Baptiste (Complete 100 games)
  • Brigitte (Complete 60 games)
  • Kiriko (On page 55 of the Battle Pass)
  • Lucio (Included at launch)
  • Mercy (Included at launch)
  • Moira (Included at launch)
  • Zenyatta (Complete 25 games)

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Overwatch 2 Tank characters

Key art for Overwatch 2.

As the name suggests, Tank characters are usually beefy behemoths with high health and defensive abilities designed to draw fire away from the other more vulnerable characters and soak up damage.

Note that the change from 6v6 to 5v5 battles means there is only one Tank slot on each team now, making the role of the Tank even more important.

  • D.Va (Complete 2 games)
  • Doomfist (Complete 85 games)
  • Junker Queen (Season 1 log in)
  • Orisa (Included at launch)
  • Reinhardt (Included at launch)
  • Roadhog (Complete 15 games)
  • Sigma (Complete 40 games)
  • Winston (Included at launch)
  • Wrecking Ball (Complete 130 games)
  • Zarya (Included at launch)

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