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Minecraft cake: Best recipes, decorations and party ideas

Get baking, Minecraft style, and have yourself a fun themed party.

minecraft cake ideas

The popularity of Minecraft shows no signs of slowing down and, if anything, it remains one of the most popular games out there at the moment with countless people still obsessed over this block-filled world.


And a game being popular means that there will be all sorts of things you can buy in relation to it – and that includes cakes! But if you have someone who has a birthday coming up and they are a Minecraft fan, you may want to bake a cake yourself for them but you’ll need the right cake toppers and recipes at hand.

We have you covered here with some of the best Minecraft cake decorations you can buy, along with some actual recipes too! So read on to make the best Minecraft cake you can.

The best Minecraft cake toppers and decorations

If you want to go the easy route, then you can just buy a premade cake and design it from there to give it a Minecraft flare. If that is your choice, you will need some Minecraft cake toppers and decorations and, happily, there are many of them about to buy.

HAFTSS Game Party Supplies

minecraft party bundle

This is a great bundle of decorative items that do not just include cake toppers – with this collection, you can have the Minecraft celebratory theme cover an entire room with balloons, banners and all sorts of other things. A handy bundle of party supplies for a reasonably low cost.

Buy the HAFTSS Game Party Supplies set at Amazon (£21.99)

Pixel Miner Crafting Cake Toppers


If you only want the toppers themselves, then these ones are cheap and cheerful and will also work if you have a birthday for someone who just like gaming in general – rather than being someone who is avidly devoted just to Minecraft.

Buy the Pixel Miner Crafting Cake Toppers at Amazon (£9.99)

Grass Block Pixel Cake Bands

minecraft cake bundle

This is a nice and easy one. Just make a cake, ensure the icing is green and attach this cake band to it so that is themed just like Minecraft. Little effort is needed here (other than making the cake) but it will be a cake to remember!

Buy the Grass Block Pixel Cake Band at Amazon (£3.99)

Osugin Pixel Style Birthday Party Supplies


Did you find that the last bundle did not have quite have what you wanted to be included? Well, here is another collection that once again comes with all sorts of things needed for a good Minecraft party – including some fun-looking toppers for a cake!

Buy the HAFTSS Game Party Supplies set at Amazon (£16.99)

The best Minecraft cake recipes and ideas

If cake-toppers and decorations are not enough for you, it’s time to start thinking about baking an actual Minecraft cake that will wow everyone at your party. Below are some of the best-looking Minecraft cake recipes we could find on the web, for your consideration.

Hollymuffin’s Creeper Cake

holly muffin creeper cake

There is no shortage of Minecraft cake recipe ideas out there, and one quick Google search will bring up many results. The best for our money though comes from Hollymuffin and the design for the Creeper Cake.

Apparently, the “hardest part of this cake was creating perfect Minecraft blocks” so keep that in mind, but for how to make one that looks as good as this, make sure you follow Holly’s instructions as with any cake, the possibility of going wrong is very high!

Get the recipe from Hollymuffin

Minecraft Cake Pops

minecraft cake pop

Cakepops are almost as much fun to make as they are to eat – OK, not quite – but they are still enjoyable to bake and here is a nice Minecraft inspired one to try. The recipe comes from CakeJournal and following their guide will allow you to make many different variations of a Minecraft cake pop so the choice is yours which one you go for.

Get the recipe from CakeJournal

Stylish Minecraft Cake

minecraft cake

Some of us are well-versed in cake making so if you want to try your hand at something more elaborate, then give this beauty a go courtesy of Funcooking! If you can master this one, you will no doubt be called upon for cake making duties for all your friend’s children too!

Get the recipe from Funcooking

Epic Minecraft Cake Village

epic minecraft cake
How To Cook That

This is strictly for those who know their way around a cake baking session as it is an intricate one that could go wrong at any moment – so approach it at the risk of your own sanity. But if you can pull this Minecraft cake off, and it comes thanks to HowToCookThat, then you are officially a cake wizard and we salute you – if you could send us some of the cake in so we can try it,  that would be great!

Get the recipe from HowToCookThat

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Ben’s Minecraft Creeper Cookies

BBC Good Food

If you can’t quite be bothered with baking one of those complicated Minecraft cakes, here’s a simpler option – over at BBC Good Food, a user called Ben has shared a nice simple recipe for some creeper-themed cookies. With just 10 minutes of prep and 30 minutes of cooking time, these are super convenient and they look great too!

Get the recipe from BBC Good Food

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