The time has come! EA FC 24, the new and rebranded instalment of the beloved FIFA franchise, has been released to the world.


You might have been playing it through early access already, but the full release day is always an exciting time for players.

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If you're familiar with the franchise, you might be curious about the Madfut 24 release date.

For those out of the know, Madfut is an fan-made app, created to accompany the FIFA titles. It's essentially a drafting game without the in-match gameplay, but it's pretty fun, and it teaches you a lot about the football business.

There have been two Madfuts to date, releasing alongside FIFA 22 and 23. But when can we expect one for FC 24? And is there a beta? Let's take a look.

When is the Madfut 24 release date?

The official logo for Madfut, written in a white font, with a number 24 that we added ourselves.
Madfut. Madfut

The Madfut 24 release date has not yet been officially confirmed, but we would speculate that the app should fully come out of its beta testing phase in early-to-mid October 2023.

How did we get to that prediction? Well, it's worth noting that EA Sports FC 24 wasn't available until late September — the game's full release was on 29th September, with early access from the 22nd September for people who purchased the Ultimate Edition — and Madfut always comes out a little while after the game itself.

Last year, for example, FIFA 23 had a similar release schedule — the game had early access from 27th September, before a full release on 30th September — and Madfut didn't launch until later. We'd expect something similar this year, barring any major surprises.

To be precise, last year's Madfut 23 came out on 5th October 2022 on Android devices, and Monday 17th October 2022 on Apple iOS. So that's why we're predicting that the Madfut 24 release date will also fall in early-to-mid October. That is just a guess, though.

Is there a beta for Madfut 24?

There is indeed a beta for Madfut 24, with a whole bunch of players accessing the app already.

To join the Madfut 24 beta, you need to be part of Apple's Testflight service. On the beta's store page, though, it currently says 'this beta is full'. So you might need to be patient if you haven't managed to join yet.

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Things have been a bit quiet since support for Madfut 23 ended, but now players can finally take an early look at the unofficial mobile accompaniment to FC 24.

It looks like the beta is only available for iOS at the moment, but we'll update this page as soon as it appears on Android - or indeed anywhere else!

While you wait - if you don't have the game already - you can swot up on EA Sports FC 24 with our handy explainers: we've got you covered on the Ultimate Team changes, PC requirements and Switch upgrades, and we've even got a big explainer on the split between EA and FIFA. That reading material should tide you over nicely!

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