For fans of The Matrix or John Wick, you’ll be glad to know you can dual-wield certain weapons in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 – here's how to get the Akimbo Attachment in CoD MW3 to live out your gun-fu dreams.


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But alas, you won’t have any free hands to click on any other articles if you have a gun in each so read on!

How to get Akimbo Attachment in CoD MW3 explained

To get the Akimbo Attactmnent, you have to equip either a Handgun or Machine Pistol and reach a certain level with it or complete a challenge then select the Akimbo Perk in the Gunsmith menu.

The ten weapons and their corresponding Akimbo unlock rank can be seen below.

  • .50 GS – Unlock Level 9
  • GS Magma – Unlock Level 9
  • X12 – Unlock Level 12
  • X13 – Unlock Level 12
  • WSP Stinger – Unlock Level 14
  • COR 5 – Unlock Level 17
  • 9mm Daemon – Unlock Level 20
  • FTAC Siege – Score 25 kills while hip-firing
  • Renetii – Unlock Level 25
  • P890 – Unlock Level 26

That’s plenty of unlocking to be getting on with so you better get straight to it!


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