As the newest major streaming service on the market, Disney Plus is undoubtedly going to have some technical growing pains.


While that may be heartbreaking news to fans who have waited months to binge The Mandalorian in all its glory, luckily most problems only require a quick fix to get back to a selection of animated classics.

So here's how you can tell if the House of Mouse's service really is down - or if the internet is just being overloaded.

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Disney Plus isn't working - check these first

The first thing you should do if you encounter a problem with Disney Plus - especially if you don't receive a numbered error message - is to go through a few basic troubleshooting steps.

Restart your device and internet router - The IT Crowd would approve - and make sure your device and the associated Disney Plus app is up to date.

It's also worth checking if other websites and apps are still working - if so you may wish to sign out and in again to Disney Plus, or consider re-installing the app.

Sign out and back in again - this often fixes quite a lot of problems.

You can also delete and readd the Disney Plus app back on your device.

These steps are relatively painless and will fix the most common problems - though if you're unlucky enough to get an error number, this will take a bit more work.

Disney Plus error codes

If you tried the above and you're still stuck then check our list to find out what each error code means.

Error 4 - transaction error

If your payment details aren't working then you'll see error 4. You have to pay for Disney Plus. Sign out and back in to see if the message clears. If not, then check your billing details. Also, check your card is valid to the country you're in...

Error Code 5 - Account Information Issue

There may be an error with your login information so double check your details.

Error Code 7 - Email or password issue

Your password and email are causing issues. Take a look and check they match up.

Error Code 8 - Invalid email or password

Again, just double check your email and password details.

Error Code 9 - Login or payment issue

Sometimes this shows up when you've been logged out by accident.

Error Code 11 - content availability

The film or show you're looking for may not be available in your location. If you're using a VPN this could the reason...

Error Code 13 - Device limit reached

If you've gone over your device limit this will show up. You can have four devices and seven profiles. Just check who has access and check what other devices you've logged in on.

Error Code 22 - Restricted content

Yes, there's some content that isn't appropriate for kids on Disney Plus. Just check whether you have the Kids' Mode activated, if it is on you'll get the restricted content message.

Disney Plus Error 24 and 43

Despite being pretty far apart, these two numbers indicate a similar connection or login problem. The first likely culprit is your internet connection - again restart your router, and check to see if other websites and apps are still working.

If they are then this is likely a login issue - try signing out and signing in again, or logging in on another device.

If that doesn't work there might be a problem with your billing - check your subscription to Disney Plus has gone through.

Error Code 25 - Internal error

Use the Force? Hmmm, we may need to engage Baby Yoda for this one. Try the old sign in and out again. You'll have to contact the support desk if not.

Error Code 31 - Location

Disney Plus is a global platform, but if you're trying to use a VPN and get around its location checks then this could your issue here. Try resetting the device location.

Error code 32 - Login and/or password

Try signing in and out again.

Error Code 35/36 - Restricted content

Check the content availability. Disable your VPN.

Disney Plus Error 39

This error holds the dubious honour of being exclusively for Xbox One users, which often occurs if Disney+ is simultaneously being streamed on another device. Simply check you haven't left your smartphone or computer running - or wait for a family member to finish Maleficent 2 - and the Xbox One app should work once all other devices are logged out.

If not, changing the HDMI port on the TV connected to your Xbox One may also work (for some reason).

Disney Plus Error 42

Now this one is more complicated - while it's definitely a connection issue it is unknown if this is a server error on Disney's end or an individual internet connection.

This often occurs during times of peak usage, suggesting this is more of a problem for Disney. Sadly there's little that can be done other than wait for a quieter period for now, until Disney bolsters the servers to meet the demand of the many, many UK Disney fans.

It may however mean that your internet connection isn't strong enough, which thankfully does have some fixes. Firstly, yes restart your router once again, and run an internet speed test (a quick google will provide many options). Anything higher than 5mbps is enough to stream.

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Disconnect any devices that are particularly bandwidth-heavy - game consoles are likely suspects here - and try logging out of Disney Plus on other devices. For a more technical solution, you can check to see if your router needs a firmware update, or clear your browser's cache if you're using a computer.

Disney Plus Error 73

Disney Plus TV
Disney Plus TV Disney Plus

Error 73 is a location issue, common to those trying to access Disney Plus from a country where the service is not yet available.

If Disney Plus is available in your location, you may well have stumbled onto a title that isn't available in your country - e.g. Frozen 2 was available on the service in the US a few months before the UK edition.

If not, make sure you're not browsing from another country if you're using a VPN.

If not it is worth restarting your router and reconnecting your device, and check where you're browsing from using an IP address lookup tool. If the results show an incorrect location, check your browser plugins and running apps.

Disney Plus Error 83

A number that strikes fear into the hearts of Disney Plus subscribers everywhere, Error 83 is one of the most common problems with a frustrating cause - essentially, it suggests Disney Plus is incompatible with your device. Luckily there are several compatible devices available - here's our full Disney Plus device list.

However, if you know for sure that your device should work, then there are a few fixes. Again, restart your device - you'd be surprised how often that works - and make sure your system software is up to date. Guides can be found on the manufacturer's website, but it will usually be found in the settings menu under "system".

Lastly, try deleting the app and re-installing it. If not there are not many options other than switch to a different gadget - as a device-specific problem, the service should work fine on another computer or console.


Contact Disney Help Centre

If you're still having problems, it's worth contacting Disney themselves through their twitter page or Help Centre.