Looking to switch your broadband this November? Look no further than Virgin Media, who are offering customers the chance to get three months of broadband for absolutely free.


Across all Gigi1, M250, and M350 broadband plans, you can sign up for an 18-month contract and get the first three months at no cost as part of the company’s latest Black Friday offerings.

This means you can save between £97 and £136 on internet costs, with speeds of up to 1130Mbps.

This discount also applies to Virgin’s ‘Bigger Combo’ bundles which means you’ll get broadband alongside a brand-new Virgin TV 360 box, with over 190 TV channels, Sky, and Netflix. Plus, you can also grab a £270 saving on Virgin’s ‘Mega Volt’ bundle which also comes with more channels and an O2 SIM card.

To get these deals, you’ll simply need to head over to Virgin Media and fill in your details. You’ll be signing up to an 18-month contract, so remember that after the first three months, the price will revert to the usual RRP, which means you’ll need to think carefully about what you can normally afford.

These offers will be available until the Monday 27th November, so if you want a bit of time to consider, you can check out other Black Friday 2023 deals from the likes of Sky and O2. Plus, take a look at the best Virgin Media offers.

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How long are Virgin’s Black Friday deals on for?

Virgin Media
Virgin Media Virgin Media

Virgin Media’s Black Friday deals will expire on Monday 27th November, so make sure you snap it up while you’ve still got the chance.

What broadband packages can I get for free with Virgin Media this Black Friday?

Gigi1 Fibre Broadband

The Gigi1 Fibre Broadband has speeds of 1130Mbps and 104Mbps average upload speed. Normally, this Broadband will cost £45 a month meaning you’re saving £135 over the first three months of your contract. After that, the cost will revert to the usual price.

Get three months free Gigi1 Fibre Broadband at Virgin Media

M250 Fibre Broadband

M250 Fibre Broadband is designed for buzzing households with over 10 devices. It has 264Mbps average download speed, 25Mbps average upload speed and no setup fee. After your first three months, the price will go back up to £32.50 a month.

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Get three months free M250 Fibre Broadband at Virgin Media

M250 Bigger Combo Bundle

You can save a total of £118 by getting the M250 Bigger Combo Bundle, which combines 18 months of M250 Fibre Broadband with a Virgin TV 360 box that gives you 190+ channels, plus Sky and Netflix.

For all of this, you’ll pay nothing for the first three months followed by £39.50 a month.

Get three months free Bigger Combo Bundle at Virgin Media

M350 Fibre Broadband

M350 Fibre has 362Mbps average download speed, 36Mbps average upload speed, and can cope with HD streaming, gaming and smart devices being used all at once. After three months, the cost of this will automatically revert to £38.50 a month.

Get three months free M350 Fibre Broadband at Virgin Media

M350 Bigger Combo Bundle

M350 Broadband has it’s own Combo bundle which, again, gives you over 190 TV channels, including Sky’s best entertainment channels and Netflix. You’ll also get the M350 broadband and a feature called ‘Weekend Chatter’ which gives you unlimited calls to UK phones on weekends.

All of this for absolutely free followed by £45.50 a month.

Get three months free Bigger Combo Bundle at Virgin Media

Mega Volt Bundle

Virgin is also offering its lowest price ever on the Mega Volt Bundle. This gives you M500 broadband, with speeds of 516Mbps, over 230 TV channels, including all of Sky Cinema, a Netflix plan, Unlimited UK calls and an O2 SIM Card with Superfast 5G capabilities.

This bundle has now been discounted from £85 to £70 a month – saving you a total of £270 over an 18-month contract.

Get Mega Volt Bundle from £70 a month at Virgin Media


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