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Gaming chair deals: Black Friday weekend offers on Secretlab, Razer, Corsair

Grab yourself a comfy gaming chair at a bargain price in this year's top Black Friday sales.

gaming chair black friday
Published: Friday, 26th November 2021 at 6:30 pm

The day itself may have come to an end, but there are still more Black Friday deals flooding in to tempt you even further. But it's great news if you are after a new gaming chair as there are plenty of choices about if you want one at a bargain price.


There are loads of Black Friday gaming deals online, but it's not just the gaming chair offers that you should be excited about – there are deals on so many other products, to such an extent that you could save £1501 on a dream gaming set-up including a desk, a VR headset, a console, a laptop and a gaming chair.

If you don't have time for a lengthy browse, one of the best places to look would be eBuyer, where there are huge discounts on gaming chairs in all shapes and sizes, many of which are from the big brands we know and love.

If you do have time to join us on a journey of discovery through the very best gaming chair details on the Internet right now, buckle up and get ready for some serious savings.

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Top Black Friday gaming chair deals today

Now that the Black Friday weekend is here and Cyber Monday 2021 is just around the corner, UK retailers have let loose their big gaming chair deals online. Here are some deals that we have already seen, and we will keep adding to the list as we spot more of them.

Razer Iskur | £499.99 £279.99 at eBuyer (save £220 or 44%) 


What's the deal: Get £220 off the original RRP of this excellent Razer gaming chair.

Why we chose it: Simply put, this is one of the biggest and most impressive gaming chair deals doing the rounds this Black Friday. We'd speculate that Razer is clearing stock due to the recent launch of the Enki chair (the successor to the Iskur), and that's provided a great opportunity for you to get a Razer Iskur chair for a bargain.

If you've got a bit more money to throw around, you could even get a Razer Iskur chair for free when you buy a Razer Blade laptop from eBuyer! But if that's a bit out of your price range, this deal on the chair itself should do nicely.

Play Haha | £79.99 £59.99 at Amazon (save £20 or 25%)

play haha gaming chair

What's the deal: Get a quarter off the price on one of the most affordable gaming chairs on the market.

Why we chose it: When we put together our list of the best gaming chairs, all of which we'd tested thoroughly, the Play Haha gaming chair stood out as the most affordable by miles. And now it's even cheaper, thanks to this excellent deal, making the Play Haha chair even more tempting than it already was!

Corsair TC70 | £219.99 £179.98 at eBuyer (save £40.01 or 18%)

corsair tc70

What's the deal: Get a great-looking gaming chair for £40 less.

Why we chose it: When we put multiple gaming chairs to the test earlier this year, the Corsair TC70 stood out as one of the best-looking ones around. Cool enough to match your gaming den but subtle enough to look the part during work-from-home office life, it really is a corker in a visual sense. And so, we're very happy to see a Black Friday discount making it that little bit more affordable.

Secretlab Titan 2020 Series | £369 £334 at Secretlab (save £35)

secret lab charcoal blue

What's the deal: £35 off the best gaming chair in the world.

Why we chose it: In our recent testing of gaming chairs, the Secretlab Titan was crowned the best overall. It's a cause for celebration to see a Black Friday deal bringing its price down, then, even if it's not by much!

More gaming chair deals

And that's not all! If there's a specific chair that you're looking for, chances are you'll find a deal somewhere! Here are a few other top picks that may tempt you:

What are the best gaming chairs to buy?

Our experts have tested a lot of gaming chairs in recent months, so if you want to read more about what we thought of them, here are some handy links!

There is a great mix above with a budget chair you can currently get for under £60, to the fancy Secretlab chair that costs a lot but is worth it for how comfy you feel while using it.

Razer Iskur Black Friday deal

Where to get the best gaming chair deals

Deals are everywhere at the moment, so it is worth doing your research and bookmarking the below pages to make sure you do not miss out on a cracking deal - of which there are many!

Here is a list of the big retailers’ gaming chair pages:

Get a free Razer gaming chair worth £499.99 on Black Friday

One of the most exciting deals we've seen lets you get a free Razer Iskur gaming chair for free when you buy a Razer Blade laptop from eBuyer.

We've seen quite a few impressive Black Friday gaming chair deals this year but nothing is quite as good as getting something for nothing.

Especially when that something, in this case a Razer Iskur gaming chair, would usually set you back a few hundred quid. The official Razer website lists the Razer Iskur RRP as £499.99, making this a very significant saving.

How do you get this deal, then? Well, it's pretty easy. If you search for Razer Blade gaming laptops on eBuyer, you'll see that several of the products that come up have little green tags on their thumbnail pictures. Those tags read, in all caps, 'free Razer gaming chair', which is certainly a cause for excitement.

The Razer Blade is a premium gaming laptop that will serve the needs of most PC gamers, and the Razer Iskur is a very well-reviewed gaming chair.

Razer is probably only giving them away at such discounted rates because the Razer Enki chair has recently launched, meaning the Razer Iskur stock has got to be cleared out – something that you could benefit from.

To qualify for the free Razer Iskur gaming chair, you'll need to buy one of these Razer Blade laptops from eBuyer:

A Razer gaming set-up, featuring the Iskur chair.

A Razer gaming set-up, featuring the Iskur chair.

If you're wondering what all those numbers mean, the basic explanation is this: a higher number on the GPU will mean you get better graphics-processing power, while a greater RAM will give you quicker speeds, and a bigger SSD will allow you more storage space.

Understandably, you may not want to fork out on a laptop today and if you fall into that category of shoppers, fear not, because eBuyer does have a non-laptop-related deal on the Razer Iskur running at the moment as well.

The Black Friday deal price for the Razer Iskur at eBuyer is £279.99, which is still a great saving. As we mentioned earlier, Razer's website still lists the Iskur RRP as £499.99, which would make this eBuyer deal a discount of £220 or 44%.

That being said, eBuyer's website notes that they recently sold the Iskur for £349.98, so this has been a gradual decrease from the RRP rather than a sudden slash.

Compared to that more recent price, the Iskur deal at eBuyer is a discount of £69.99 or 19.9%. Either way, you're still saving a decent chunk of change.

How to get gaming chair deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

It’s easy to become overwhelmed shopping for a product during the sales, especially if it’s a high-value item like a gaming chair. But it doesn’t have to be a chore. Follow these tips so you can stay ahead of the competition and get the best deals possible:

  • Research: It is always better to start looking for a gaming chair after already knowing what type you are looking for. So have a look at the reviews around for the one that has caught your eye, check that it is as good as you think it is and then make your decision.
  • Shop Amazon, but not only Amazon: Amazon is a go-to for deals for good reason - they normally have the most, and it is even better if you remember to take advantage of the one month free Prime trial during the sales. But there are more places than Amazon, and if you don’t look at the likes of Currys or Argos, then you could miss out on a massive saving - so shop around!
  • Check price historiesCamelCamelCamel lets you see a product’s entire Amazon price history with a few clicks, and we highly advise using it - just because it says something is on sale does not automatically mean you are saving much compared to the normal rate.

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