Alexa has many talents. It can play music, tell you the weather, wake you up in the morning... and it tends to recognise its name without you even saying it on occasion.


But with every passing day comes new developments, and new things the device can do. Some are really helpful, some are intentionally silly, but below are some of the best around at the moment.

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The best Alexa skills

Get the latest deals

Don't miss a single deal again as Alexa is on hand to keep you updated. All you need to do is ask her what the latest deals are for Prime members, and she'll tell you. And she does not stop there, she will also help you keep track of what you order by tracking it and giving you updates on its progress.

Control your TV

As long as you have a smart TV that is compatible, and most are these days, your trusty Alexa can be the ultimate TV companion. Several different skills have been created to do this, so best to check what your TV works best with. But when it is up and running, it is a delight. Alexa can take you straight to your TV show or movie of choice, turn the TV off and on, and you can adjust the volume to a suitable level – all without clicking a button.

More like this

Control your lights

Yep, Alexa can turn your lights on, off, and even dim them to a comfortable level- all by simply asking her to. You'll need a certain type of lightbulb to do it, but smart lightbulbs are not as pricey as might think.

Buy AISIRER Alexa smart bulb WiFi light bulbs (pack of 2) for £19.99 or if you just want the one, you can buy an individual smart bulb for £10.99 – both at Amazon.

Alexa can help you with cooking

OK, so she cannot actually go into the kitchen and prepare your meal for you – yet – but she can help you come up with new meal ideas if you are running low on inspiration. Apps such as Easy Meal Ideas are on hand to give you some great new recipes to try out.

alexa skills

Have a book read to you

Not only can Alexa play songs on request, as long as you part of Amazon Music, she can also read you entire stories. No, the story is not read in Alexa's voice, but audiobooks can be played through here if you are a member of Audible or have purchased the audio version of the book through your Amazon account.

Send comfort to friends and family

A fitting one for a year that has kept so many of us apart, you can send a virtual hug to anyone you know that you think may appreciate it. You'll need to have the recipient as an Alexa contact, and they will need a device too, but it is a lovely touch. It is worth having people as Alexa contacts too because you can even make phone calls to them and chat between devices.

Alexa helps you keep fit

Need someone to help you get through workouts? Well, Alexa is here to go through many an exercise with you – including the Seven Minute Work Out skill that has proven to be extremely popular. You can also connect your Fitbit to it to get updates from any run or walk you have done throughout the day.

Alexa, do my hoovering

Nope, this isn't a joke – Alexa can do your hoovering for you. Sadly, she doesn't possess any old Henry and instead requires a certain type of hoover to get the job done, such as this robot vacuum cleaner at Amazon. It may be a relatively pricey investment, but the lure of never having to hoover the whole house again is sorely tempting.

Alexa can also be the student

Despite knowing an awful lot and teaching us more than a few things, Alexa is not opposed to learning new things herself. A crowdsourced initiative is to be thanked for this development and the skill that has been created called Alexa Answers allows you to answer questions she does not know – and you earn virtual badges for helping her out!


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