It seems that almost every aspect of our lives is getting “smarter”, with high-tech versions of everything from your bedroom blind to your front doorbell. Amazon’s Alexa allows users to dictate commands using only their voice.


As companies create increasingly more products with built-in Alexa compatibility, the parts of our homes which can be controlled remotely is ever-growing.

Amazon has plenty of its own creations, most notably its smart Amazon Fire TV sticks, Kindle e-readers, and Fire Tablets. However, there are also lots of products from other brands that are compatible with Alexa.

If you've already got an Amazon device such as an Amazon Echo Dot, the process should be relatively simple to get it connected up and ready.

Below, we explain a selection of product types that have the potential to work with Alexa and provide some suggestions on models that are worth checking out.

If your Amazon device is new, try reading our how to set up Alexa guide to get to grips with it. Or, check out what we thought of Amazon's Fire TV offerings in our Amazon Fire TV Stick review and Fire TV Cube review.

What devices work with Alexa?

As well as Amazon specific products, there is also a huge list of devices made by other retailers which are designed to be compatible with the Alexa voice assistant.

Some of the most popular products are smart TVs and speakers, although there are plenty of standard household items which have had a technological upgrade. It’s now possible to get everything from lightbulbs and doorbells to blinds and plugs which are compatible with Alexa.

Take a look at our pick of devices which work with Alexa in the sections below:

What TVs work with Alexa?

TCL 43DP628 4K UHD Smart TV (various sizes)

TCL 43DP628 4K UHD Smart TV (various sizes)

This Smart TV is available in four screen sizes; 43-inch, 50-inch, 55-inch and 65-inch. If you buy it from Amazon there’s also the option to purchase it as a package including a soundbar or wall mount, so you can get everything set up at once. The TV has Alexa compatibility, 4K picture quality and Dolby Audio for clear sound.

Buy now from £299

Philips 55OLED754 55-inch Smart Ambilight 4K TV

Philips 55OLED754 55-inch Smart Ambilight 4K TV

Dolby Vision and a 4K Ultra HD display should deliver a high quality picture on this 55-inch smart TV. Alexa is built in for hands-free control and connectivity. There’s also special extras like a back light which projects a glow around the TV onto the wall behind, which makes it look ultra high-tech.

Buy now for £989

Toshiba 24WK3A63DB 24-inch Smart 720p HD Ready TV

Toshiba 24WK3A63DB 24-inch Smart 720p HD Ready TV

This smaller smart TV is ideal for more compact spaces or rooms such as bedrooms and the kitchen where you won’t usually need a cinema sized screen. Freeview is included on this model and there’s also parent controls in case this is going into a child’s bedroom. And of course, Alexa is already installed.

Read our Toshiba 32WK3C63DB smart TV review or head straight to our best smart TV guide for more details.

Buy now for £179

Samsung QE32LS03TB 32-inch Smart 1080p Full HD TV

Samsung QE32LS03TB 32-inch Smart 1080p Full HD TV

This smart TV is so smart it doesn’t look like a television at all. When not in use, the TV frame is designed to look like a piece of art, so it can blend subtly into your living room. There are a range of gallery paintings on the TV or you can choose your own family photos if you’d prefer. Freeview is included as well Alexa and there is also 1080p full HD resolution.

More like this

Buy now for £499

Toshiba 55-inch 55UL5A63DBS Smart 4K Alexa TV


This 55-inch Smart TV from Toshiba is compatible with Alexa voice control, so you won’t need to move an inch from your favourite sofa spot. It also comes already installed with apps for Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, although you’ll need to have your own accounts to watch. There’s also Freeview Play, an LED screen and 4K Ultra HD resolution.

Buy now for £379

What smart speakers work with Alexa?

Amazon Echo (4th generation) Smart speaker

New Amazon Echo
The new 4th Generation Amazon Echo

The Amazon Echo is the classic smart speaker that features Alexa voice control. You can ask it to change the volume or switch songs, which the speaker can play from Amazon Music, Spotify, Apple Music, and more. You can also use it to communicate with smart speakers in other rooms of the house, track your fitness, and control other home tech such as thermostats and lights (featured further on).

Buy now for £89.99

Echo Dot (4th generation) Smart Speaker

New Amazon Echo

This latest update to the popular Echo Dot range features a radical new spherical design with a front-firing speaker, as well as the ability to communicate with other Echo speakers to send announcements and voice messages. You can also pay a tad extra for a model with an LED clock:

Echo Dot (3rd generation) Smart Speaker

Amazon Dot (3rd generation) Smart Speaker

The Dot is essentially a miniature version of the Amazon Echo smart speaker and features Alexa voice control. It can do lots of handy things like read the news, check the weather, and control other smart tech around the house. When playing music, you can also pair it with another Amazon Dot to multiply your sound and play tunes all around the house. It's no longer the newest of its kind but that does mean that you can get it for a very affordable price.

Buy now for £39.99

Echo Studio


For those serious about sound, the Echo Studio has five speakers to produce Dolby Atmos level audio quality - and even play 3D songs for a multidimensional experience. It, of course, has all the other Alexa functionalities - we imagine it can produce quite the alarm:

Bang & Olufsen Beosound A1 (2nd Generation) Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Bang & Olufsen Beosound A1 (2nd Generation) Portable Bluetooth Speaker
John Lewis

This Bluetooth speaker from high-end brand Bang & Olufsen is portable, so you can take it anywhere with you. It’s wireless, so you can use it outdoors as well as indoors, and it features three microphones which make it ideal as a speakerphone in case you need it for conference calls. You can also connect to Alexa via Bluetooth so you can still take full advantage of the digital voice assistant.

Buy now for £199

Bose Home Speaker

Bose Home Speaker
John Lewis

This slick home speaker promises to deliver wall-to-wall sound from the single device, thanks to custom internal drivers which propel sound in opposite directions to bounce off walls. You can control everything with your voice using Alexa compatibility and your music options are helpfully shown on the front screen.

Buy now for £279

Sonos One

Sonos One

This smart speaker by Sonos is compatible with Alexa and can wirelessly connect to other Sonos speakers and play music in different rooms of the house. This second generation has a bigger memory and should be able to provide rich sound quality from a relatively compact, table-top device.

Buy now for £199

Echo Auto

Echo Auto in use

Essentially an Echo speaker for your car, the Auto gives you hands-free music control, calls, and more. It's also pre-empted potential vehicular problems, and can hear you over road noise and air conditioning.

What other smart home devices work with Alexa?

Alexa smart bulbs and lights

Philips Hue Smart Bulb Starter Kit
Philips Hue Smart Bulb Starter Kit Amazon

While smart TVs and speakers might seem the most obvious choice for Alexa compatibility, there are plenty of other home devices which can be controlled in the same way. For instance, there are various smart bulbs which can be fitted into your home and can be switched on, off, dimmed or even alter the colour remotely using Alexa.

Check out these Alexa compatible smart lights:

Alexa smart doorbells

Ring Video Doorbell
Ring Video Doorbell Amazon

Even the traditional front doorbell has been given an upgrade. New Alexa compatible versions can features cameras and two way communication, so you always know exactly who is at your door. If you live in a flat, there are also versions which can slot into the peephole space.

Check out these Alexa compatible doorbells:

Alexa smart security cameras

Blink XT2 Outdoor/Indoor Smart Security Camera
Blink XT2 Outdoor/Indoor Smart Security Camera Amazon

If you’re after smart tech cameras which can help you feel even safer, there are plenty of home security cameras which can be controlled using Alexa. Designed for indoors and outdoors, there are cameras for exterior surveillance as well as for keeping an eye on little ones indoors.

Check out these Alexa compatible security cameras:

Alexa smart thermostats

Google Nest Learning Thermostat
Google Nest Learning Thermostat Amazon

One increasingly popular choice for smart home tech is thermostats. Being able to control the temperature of your home from wherever you are is a big draw of these devices and many of them can be controlled using Amazon’s Alexa, even when they’re made by other big brands such as Google.

Check out these Alexa compatible thermostats:

Alexa smart blinds

HC Smart Blind Engine
HC Smart Blind Engine Amazon

You don’t even have to open your blinds in the morning any more and can control it all through Alexa. There are various blind “engines” which you can connect to your existing blinds and can roll them up and down on your behalf. Not all styles of blinds are suitable so do make sure yours are before purchasing.

Check out these Alexa compatible blind engines:

Alexa smart plugs

Horsky Wi-Fi Smart Plug
Horsky Wi-Fi Smart Plug Amazon

Smart plugs are handy devices which fit into your usual home sockets. You then plug your usual small appliances, such as perhaps a lamp, into the smart plug and Alexa enables you to turn the device on and off remotely. You can also get extension cord varieties featuring sockets for multiple devices.

Check out these Alexa compatible smart plugs:

Amazon Eero Mesh


These curious-looking blocks are in fact the Eero Mesh: a collection of routers that work together to bring you hyper-fast, stable wi-fi all over your home. Being an Amazon product, they are of course compatible with Alexa for voice control.

Alexa Alarm System

Ring Alarm System

From the makers of the Alexa video doorbell comes a matching alarm system, which sends smartphone notifications to your phone if it senses movement or the siren goes off. The cleverest part, however, is the compatibility with Echo speakers - you can arm, disarm and check the status of the alarms with your voice, as well as receive low battery announcements and set up smart battery orders.

Ring have also announced a new security drone that sounds straight out of a sci-fi movie - it will fly around your house when you're not there.


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