Danny Dyer faces off against Phillip Schofield in British Soap Awards confrontation

The comedy skit saw awards host Schofield put the EastEnders star back in his place

Danny Dyer and Phillip Schofield at the British Soap Awards

The British Soap Awards almost descended into a soap-style brawl as Danny Dyer faced off against Phillip Schofield – but thankfully the commotion all ended in laughter as the evening’s host put the EastEnders star in his place.


The skit began when Schofield walked past Mick Carter actor Dyer in the audience, asking: “you alright?”

“You wanna make one with me?” Dyer responded, dripping with aggression and ready to go off. 

Schofield quickly said he was “just checking”, turning to the camera clutching his chest as he declared that Dyer was “scaring the life” out of him.

But when Dyer jumped out of his seat and squared off against him, he wasn’t going to take it.

“Leave it! You back off, sit down! I’m in charge here mate!” Schofield, turning the tables in Mick Carter style: “I’m all right mate!”


Maybe Schofield is ready to make the transition from Soap Awards host to actual soap star?

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