EastEnders: 10 big questions answered about Aidan, Ciara, Vincent and the heist

We explore all the burning issues surrounding the current episodes of the BBC1 soap


Who’s robbing who? Did Aidan want to kill Vincent? Where’s the money? So many questions are currently on the lips of EastEnders fans that we felt it our duty to answer as many as possible. At the moment, it feels as though the BBC1 soap is overloading viewers with twists and turns – but can we make it sense of it all. Read on to find out…


Who has the money from the heist and where is it being kept?
Aidan has it stashed away, but the location is currently unknown. His presence at the undertakers suggests that it’s being stored in a coffin, but this hasn’t yet been confirmed.

Are we talking about more than just money?
EastEnders has been deliberately ambiguous as we’ve yet to see what exactly was in the van. Plus Aidan and Ciara’s exchanges seemed to suggest that it was stolen possessions rather than cash. We’ve also had references to ‘goods’ and ‘items’ rather than a bag of money.

Why does Aidan want revenge on Vincent?
As was explained in Tuesday’s episode, Aidan blames Vincent for the death of his brother Connor. It turns out that Vincent shopped Connor to the police when the pair were in a drugs ring together. Trouble is, Connor then killed himself in prison, so Aidan now holds a grudge. This wasn’t the entire point of the heist though – Aidan referred to his plan to shoot Vincent as “a bonus”.

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What does Vincent now have to do?
Thanks to Phil’s intervention to stop the stand-off from ending in bloodshed, Vincent’s life was spared, but he must now sell the Albert bar and give the cash from the sale to Aidan. A question mark still hangs over whether or not Vincent will get some money from the heist – at one point on Tuesday, he appeared to give up his share, only to then demand a cut later on in the episode.

Who is Ciara Maguire?
An ex (perhaps wife?) of Aidan’s, who has been revealed to be the owner of the snatched goods, or so she claims. There is an ambiguity over who’s conning who – and who really holds the power in this dynamic. When Aidan made his debut, there were sketchy references to his wife leaving him for a younger man, so is this revenge?

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Does Ciara have previous with the police?
Again, this is ambiguous. The investigating officers appeared to let the whole heist thing slide, so Ciara obviously has some sway. Maybe the police don’t want to cross her because she’s too powerful? Or could she be a Vincent-style informant? Perhaps she has corrupt members of the force in her pocket?

Is Ciara the reason for Aidan orchestrating the heist?
At the moment, it appears that Aidan wants revenge on his ex, but the master manipulator is currently spinning different stories to everyone. There is a hint that he wants to reconcile with Ciara and that the heist was a way of bringing her back into his orbit.

Does Ciara know Mel?
It seems safe to assume that she does. Tuesday’s episode saw her putting in a call to a contact and saying, “Pack your bag. Looks like you’re coming home to your old haunt, love.” With actress Tamzin Outhwaite returning imminently, we’ve put two and two together and presumed that the person on the other end of the line is Mel.

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Why is Halfway now working at the Vic?
As job interviews go, shooting your employer wouldn’t be high on our list of recommendations. But it’s worked for Halfway who, after plugging Mick’s bicep full of bullets, it now providing comedy relief at the Vic. Turns out he’s an old Army mate of Lee’s (so there is a semi-convincing explanation for him sticking around), but it is a leap of logic that the Carters would consider him decent barman material.

Why did Bernadette turn to Max for help?
On New Year’s Day, Bernadette was seen asking Max for help in stopping the heist. But with no connection between the two characters having been established, it seemed strange that she’d ask him for assistance. But seeing as Max is involved in everything duplicitous on the Square (Jane’s disappearance, blackmailing Phil, Steven’s death, the sale of all the properties to Weyland), perhaps he’ll also be revealed to have a tangential connection to Aidan too….

And finally, why can’t Phil pronounce Keanu’s name? It’s Keanu, not “Kea-NO.” No wonder it all went – in the words of Aidan – “tits up”.

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