EastEnders: Willmott-Brown admits he raped Kathy – but springs another sick surprise

Ian was left mortified at the end of tonight's episode

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Ian Beale has been thwarted on tonight’s EastEnders after he attempted to turn the tables on scheming James Willmott-Brown.


Scenes just broadcast on BBC1 saw Ian arrange to meet with the Weyland boss in order to confront him about raping his mother all those years ago.

After hitting the record button on his mobile phone, Ian had a showdown with Willmott-Brown, who initially tried to cast doubt in his mind about Kathy’s reliability.

In the end, though, Ian got his confession as Willmott-Brown finally admitted to having raped Kathy. But as a triumphant Ian made a move to leave, in walked a Weyland security guard who snatched away his mobile phone.

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A smug Willmott-Brown then wasted no time in erasing the recording, leaving Ian mortified about having let his mum down.

All of which has left EastEnders fans fretting that the Beales will never get the menacing JWB and his extended clan out of their lives.

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But fear not: speaking recently to Radio Times, EastEnders’s executive consultant John Yorke promised that the Weyland conspirators will pay the price for their actions:

“All of those involved in the plot to buy up and build over Albert Square will get their spectacular comeuppance.”

It will be a BIG relief to viewers when they do!

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