Emmerdale spoilers: Kerry announces that she’s pregnant – preview pictures

Actress Laura Norton reveals all about the shock declaration that sets tongues wagging in the village

Kerry Wyatt is to cause ructions in next week’s episodes when she makes a shock announcement after returning from holiday:


“She’s been to Lanzarote because she felt that the whole village hated her after setting Dale View on fire,” explains Laura Norton, who plays Kerry. “But when she comes back, she’s ready to take on the world and get Andy back. Yet when she walks in, she catches Andy and Amy kissing and it’s then that she suddenly announces she’s pregnant.”

Amy is convinced that Kerry is lying, but Andy cannot help but worry: what if she’s telling the truth? Kerry, meanwhile, sinks to a new low in order to convince everyone that she really is expecting a baby. At the Woolpack, Andy insists that Kerry take a pregnancy test while he waits outside the toilet cubicle. Much to Andy and Amy’s shock, it reads positive! So what has Kerry been up to?

“You have to watch and see. People will be sat at home thinking, ‘oh my god, what is she doing?’” laughs the actress.

Since her debut in July 2012, Kerry’s antics have made for an endless source of drama. Despite being in the village for less than a year, she’s already fallen in a diabetic coma and raised eyebrows with her reckless approach to babysitting. So has Norton received any criticism from viewers who’ve confused her for Kerry?


“I did get a bit of flak about it early on. People were coming up and telling me to stop drinking and to look after Amy. But now I’m starting to get a little bit more sympathy. We’re beginning to see that she’s not malicious. She’s just a child who doesn’t know how to do the right thing. She makes terrible decisions and I think people are starting to see that she’s just quite pathetic.”