EastEnders: will Lee Carter get Abi Branning pregnant?

The pair ended up together at the end of tonight's double bill


Sinister Babe Smith told Abi Branning that she needed to get pregnant and fast…and there was no hanging about in this evening’s EastEnders when she fell into the arms of a drunken Lee Carter.


The fake pregnancy storyline currently unfolding on the BBC1 soap took a fresh twist tonight after Babe advised Abi that it needn’t necessarily be boyfriend Ben who fathered her child. And it now looks like Abi could be one step closer to achieving that goal thanks to a late-night tryst with an inebriated Lee.

Scenes just broadcast on BBC1 saw the pair get passionate in an alleyway with Abi reassuring Lee that his lack of protection didn’t matter!

Lee was, of course, readily susceptible to Abi’s charms after discovering that his girlfriend Whitney had made a play for his dad Mick (are you keeping up with this?) After lashing out at Mick and flipping over a table at Beales’, Lee then turned to drink…and Abi.

For her part, Abi needs to convince Ben that she’s expecting his child, but can’t actually sleep with him because he fears that he has an STD after a one-night stand with a guy he met. Cue the amorous Lee, who could well end up offering a solution to her quandary.

Honestly, youth of Walford, what’s wrong with a quiet night in with a book?

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