*Warning: contains spoilers for EastEnders' episode airing 23rd April 2024, which is now available to watch on iPlayer.*


EastEnders has revealed the true motives of returning character Nadine Keller (Jazzy Phoenix), as Jay Brown's (Jamie Borthwick) latest storyline continues.

Nadine recently told Jay that she's expecting his child, leaving the widower horrified!

After Nadine told his stepdaughter Lexi about the baby, a hurt Lexi eventually made up with Jay after he ran the London Marathon.

As he recovered from his efforts, Jay ignored a call from Nadine - but Lexi told him it was OK if he wanted to talk to her.

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Lexi admitted she had been upset because she wasn't really Jay's child, but this baby would be. Jay insisted that he would never leave Lexi, as he loved her as his own.

Later, Nadine called round to apologise to Jay for speaking to Lexi, and Jay remained furious. But after Jay pointed out that the baby might not be his, Nadine offered to do a paternity test and showed him a scan, revealing the child is a girl.

Jay gradually came to terms with his new situation, while Nadine broke down into tears over the prospect of single motherhood.

Jay apologised for his behaviour, and told Nadine he wouldn't make her spend money on a test. He gave her some cash for food and maternity clothes, which she accepted after trying to turn it down.

But as Jay looked to be coming around to the idea of being a dad, everything was not as it seemed.

Alone and heading out of Walford, Nadine was seen on the phone to a mystery caller, who she promised would get their money "soon".

Hanging up, Nadine then pulled a fake baby bump from under her top and discarded it in her bag, revealing to viewers that she isn't carrying any baby at all - let alone Jay's!

Borthwick recently chatted to RadioTimes.com and other press about Jay's baby bombshell, and how his alter ego steps up to the concept of being a father.

Now we know the truth, though, there's hope that Nadine may be exposed sooner rather than later, as Lexi can't contain herself around Nadine.

New EastEnders spoilers also confirm that Lexi will enlist the help of her great-great grandfather Stevie Mitchell (Alan Ford) with Jay and Nadine, and Stevie doesn't trust Nadine either! Will her scheme be rumbled? And how will Jay react to her cruel con?

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