Shirley is ARRESTED on EastEnders after fight with Linda

Mick's wife plays dirty on tonight's episode of the BBC1 soap

Shirley (Linda Henry) is arrested on EastEnders

Linda Carter (Kellie Bright) will launch her fightback campaign on EastEnders tonight after being chucked out of the Queen Vic by her mother-in-law Shirley (Linda Henry). The  landlady is in the doghouse with her family after giving up on incarcerated husband Mick and opting instead to side with the sinister Stuart Highway. Tensions then came to a head on Tuesday when Shirley threw Linda’s possessions over the bar and turfed her out.


But after spending the night on Stuart’s sofa, Linda will decide that she isn’t going to take her eviction lying down and vows to get her pub back. After turning up at the boozer, Linda wastes no time in calling the police, telling them that she wishes to report Shirley as an intruder on the premises.

When a couple of uniformed officers subsequently show up, Linda explains that Shirley’s actions left her scared for her life. And when the police explain they can’t stop Linda from being in her home and that they can’t settle family arguments, all hell breaks loose. As Linda goes to take her clothes back upstairs, Shirley tries to attack her, a move that results in her getting arrested for breaching the peace!

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EastEnders fans have been fiercely debating Linda’s recent actions, with some questioning how she can abandon her husband so easily, while others have speculated that she’s attempting to con Stuart in a bid to get him to confess to framing Mick. So is there perhaps more to Linda’s betrayal than meets the eye?

EastEnders shows these scenes tonight at 7.30pm on BBC1.


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