Breda McQueen is Hollyoaks’ latest serial killer!

She bumped off Russ, Glenn AND Carl - who saw that twist coming?

Hollyoaks Breda McQueen (Moya Brady) revealed as a serial killer

Hollyoaks‘ super nanny Breda McQueen (Moya Brady) has been revealed as a serial killer in a massive twist delivered in the soap’s special hour-long episode on Thursday 15 November where she murdered cheating Russ Owen as his betrayal of Mercedes McQueen (Jennifer Metcalfe) was revealed at their wedding, and flashbacks showed how the childminder was also responsible for the deaths of Glenn Donovan and Carl Costello.


Russ had slept with Breda’s daughter Goldie McQueen (Chelsee Healey) and forced her into having an abortion, and when the love rat was found dead from a blow to the head in Sylver McQueen’s (David Tag) workshop viewers suspected the gentle giant had murdered him as vengeance for true love Mercedes, their fling also confirmed after Russ’s indiscretion with Goldie came spilling out.

Horrified Mercy later found Russ’s body in the workshop following a full-on fight with his love rival and insisted she didn’t bump him off, and when Sylver stumbled upon the scene he convinced the initially suspicious bride it wasn’t him either. But Mercedes had motive and she was carted off by the cops as the prime suspect.


How many people has Breda murdered?

But the big twist came as flashbacks showed the village’s very own Mary Poppins, kooky nanny Breda, mother of both Sylver and Goldie, was the one who administered the fatal blow to Russ’s head with a mallet for his roguish antics – and not only that, her murder spree stretches back into the summer as it was confirmed she had notched up two other victims.


Carl Costello had followed Mercedes back from the States in July when she snatched back her son, his grandson, Bobby to live with her fearing he was in danger from his violent grandfather – and Carl ended up dead in the woods. Gruesome gangster Glenn Donovan shot his own son Adam at gunpoint for being a grass, and while we’ve been led to believe his female enemies teamed up to poison him it turns out Breda was the one who drugged the villain at his doomed birthday party that ended with him dying of a heart attack.


Her MO appears to be punishing bad dads to protect innocent children. We even saw her take a trophy, as she swiped a button from Russ’s jacket and knitted it onto a teddy bear she gave his orphaned son Max – similar to the bear she gave Bobby after Carl died with his granddad’s button knitted on it too…

Will family loyalty force Breda to come clean as the finger points at Mercedes for the murder of her unfaithful fiance? Breda’s son Sylver is deeply in love with Mercy, so how would he feel if he knew his mum was a murderer and held the key to her freedom? Is Breda planning any more kills? And will Mercedes ever have a wedding that goes to plan?!


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