Is Professor John Gaskell really dead on Holby City?

Has the killer doctor taken his own life?

Gaskell (Paul McGann) dies on Holby City

Actor Paul McGann appeared to bow out of Holby City on Tuesday when his character Professor John Gaskell came to a watery end.


The murderous medic was seen at the climax of the latest episode of the BBC1 medical drama submerging himself in lake water after his crimes were exposed at the hospital.

A tense showdown saw show stalwart Henrik Hanssen (Guy Henry) watch on as Gaskell slipped beneath the depths, but was unable to intervene after being poisoned by a potentially deadly neurotoxin.

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Gaskell’s reign of terror on Holby City saw him go to desperate lengths to conceal the fact that his experimental treatments were fraudulent, bumping off both Roxanna and Lana and attempting to murder Jac.

But it now seems as though the sinister surgeon has opted to take his own life, though a question mark does hang over Gaskell’s fate thanks to Hanssen appearing to be experiencing hallucinations at the time of Gaskell’s demise due to his own poisoning (which he thankfully survived!).

Needless to say, fans had their own theories about what happened to Gaskell:

Soap fans know that until they see a corpse, you can never be sure that a character is 100 per cent dead. So will Gaskell make a return at some point in the future? We certainly wouldn’t put it past him…


Holby City returns next Tuesday at 8.00pm on BBC1