EastEnders fans convinced that Linda is tricking Stuart

Surely Linda can't have abandoned husband Mick?

is Linda (Kellie Bright) tricking Stuart on EastEnders?

Is Linda Carter (Kellie Bright) playing a long con and trying to convince evil Stuart Highway (Ricky Champ) that she’s turned her back on husband Mick? It’s the question that all EastEnders fans are asking after the Queen Vic landlady appeared to switch allegiances in Tuesday’s episode of the BBC1 soap.


The drama saw Linda continuing to refuse to visit Mick (Danny Dyer), who has been banged up after being framed by Stuart. After taking off her rings and leaving them on the kitchen table, Linda was left taken aback when Stuart unexpectedly turned up at the pub, knowing that Halfway and Tina were out.

As the pair talked, Stuart went into further detail about the fateful night that Mick supposedly shot him when – as viewers know – he actually turned the gun on himself. And by the end of the episode, Stuart was sending a secret text message of thanks to Linda, which she nervously replied to, adding a ‘x’ at the end.

But while it looks as though Linda is now believing every word that Stuart says, those watching at home weren’t convinced:

Thursday’s EastEnders will continue to question Linda’s loyalties when lawyer Ritchie arrives at the pub to give the Carters an update and to suggest that Mick pleads guilty in order to lower his sentence. But Tina is left stunned when Linda tells Ritchie that her services are no longer needed.

Linda, Tina and Stuart on EastEnders

Suspecting something is going on with Linda, Tina enlists Halfway and Whitney’s help to get to Linda’s phone and ends up seeing the communication between her and Stuart. Later on, Tina decides to follow Linda and has her worst fears confirmed when she spots the pub landlady warming greeting Stuart at a nearby cafe. But is this really proof that Linda now believes Mick to be guilty?


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