EastEnders hospital dash – will Hayley die after giving birth to baby girl?

Kat and Keanu might have got to the scene too late…


EastEnders‘ Hayley Slater (Katie Jarvis) is fighting for her life having been found unconscious after giving birth to a baby girl. Kat Moon (Jessie Wallace), Keanu Taylor (Danny Walters) and Mo Harris (Laila Morse) watched with concern as the new mum was stretchered off to hospital following a traumatic, and lonely, labour.


Thursday 1 November’s dramatic episode picked up from the cliffhanger where Hayley’s attempt to get to hospital on her own after her waters broke was scuppered when the Slaters’ cab broke down. Forced to take refuge in a squat and deliver the baby on her own, the petrified parent called pal Keanu for help, only he didn’t answer his phone.

Eventually the Taylor totty realised his friend had been trying to contact him and he raced to the Slaters’ to play a worrying voicemail confirming that the missing Hayley, and her baby, were in danger.

How did Kat and Keanu find Hayley?

Kat put her differences with her cousin aside, having earlier declared the family should not bother going after Hayley who had made it clear she didn’t want their help, and joined Keanu in a frantic search, finally finding her when they spotted the abandoned, blood-stained taxi and followed the sound of a baby’s cry to the squat.

Luckily the baby girl seemed okay, but the same could not be said for her mother who was out cold with an increasingly weakening pulse. Calling 999, Kat stayed on the line receiving medical advice to try and keep Hayley stable until the emergency services could get to the scene.


As comatose Hayley was rushed to a hospital ward, her fate hung in the balance and viewers were left wondering if she would survive. However, EastEnders have already confirmed the character survives her birth ordeal – but that’s not the end of the story.

Hayley survives, but why does she abandon her baby next week?

On Monday 5 November, Hayley is back on the Square but struggling to adapt to motherhood, and leaves her daughter on the Ahmed’s doorstep with a note begging them to look after her. Eventually Hayley’s own mum Bev (Ashley McGuire) rocks up and takes charge of her granddaughter’s wellbeing. Can she convince Hayley the new baby is a chance to right the wrongs of her painful past?


And how long before Kat discovers her estranged husband Alfie Moon (Shane Richie) is the father of Hayley’s little girl after the pair had an illicit one-night stand earlier this year when they were all living in Spain?


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