Emmerdale teases who discovers Graham murdered Joe

Someone's on the case as tormented Graham is consumed with guilt

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Joe Tate’s sudden disappearance is starting to arouse suspicion in Emmerdale with little brother Noah Dingle desperate for answers as to his sibling’s whereabouts, unaware he’s most likely been murdered by Graham Foster. Could the suspicious teenager be the one to rumble the killer secret?


Last week’s shock exit for Ned Porteous’s popular character began to have a wider ripple effect tonight (Monday 15 October) as devastated Noah begged Graham to tell him where Joe had gone, refusing to believe him when he pleaded ignorance – although Mr Foster wasn’t lying when he said he had “no way of contacting” his employer”, as he he’s probably in a shallow grave somewhere near the Hotten viaduct.

Noah’s not going to let this go and his insistence his brother wouldn’t leave him without an explanation sets up the possibility he’s going to dig deeper into the disappearance – what if he discovers the awful truth? Will Graham end up having to silence Joe’s brother to preserve the secret in the only way he knows how?

Gripped by guilt and grief for the man he thought of as a son, viewers later saw a lonely Graham repeatedly play the emotional final voicemail from Joe confessing how much he cared about his surrogate dad, recorded just as Kim Tate demanded the manservant slay her stespgrandson for double crossing her.


But there is still some ambiguity around Joe’s actual fate – Cain Dingle believes he caused his death after a punch for jilting his daughter Debbie sent him crashing to the ground where he hit his head on a rock, but he doesn’t know the Tate tycoon later twitched his fingers as Graham bundled his body in the boot of his car before disposing of him.

Graham was next seen returning to the car from the viaduct with a gun and breaking down in tears – it’s assumed he finished Joe off, but could he have secretly betrayed Kim and let him go as long as he promised to vanish? Or did he bury him alive?

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Speaking to RadioTimes.com about Debbie’s reaction to lover Joe’s vanishing act, Charley Webb confirmed the search will be on for the missing millionaire in the coming weeks.

“He literally vanished so Debbie thinks it’s really odd, and she wants to know exactly what happened. Debbie doesn’t think for one minute he’s been hurt and rather than her being upset he left she’s more angry. She will be searching for him and that will last for a while.”

After tonight, we’re wondering if Graham will crack up and confess to Noah or Debbie what he and Cain did…


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