Has Mel just discovered Ray’s secret wife and child in EastEnders?

There was a shock discovery as she did some digging on her deceitful fella

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Has EastEnders‘ Ray Kelly got a secret family he’s been hiding from girlfriend Mel Owen? That seems to be the case after a shock discovery by the blonde club owner who followed her fella to the hospital and saw him looking very cosy with another woman as they held vigil over a sickly young child.


Thursday 11 October’s episode put Mel and her man at odds when she owned up to Ray she’d asked ex-lover – and ex-copper (someone’s got a type) – Jack Branning to run a check on Jeff Reynolds, the man from Mr Kelly’s past Jack reckons he gave a beating to.

As they later attempted to make amends over a drink in the Queen Vic, Ray took a phone call and abruptly dashed off, clearly receiving some bad news and confirming the caller’s location as ‘Matthews’. Suspicious Mel was intrigued when she later overheard nurse Sonia Fowler mention Matthews as a ward in the hospital, so she hotfooted it to Walford General and was seen pacing a paediatric ward.

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Spying a list of patient names, Mel knew exactly where to go and glimpsed through a door into a bay where she was stunned to see a worried-looking Ray with his arms round an equally-concerned woman, giving her a tender kiss on the forehead as they watched over a little boy’s bedside.

The end credits named the characters as Maddie and Jake Wright, with Jake’s name among the list of patients Mel had seen. So who are these people? The immediate assumption is they are Ray’s wife or partner and son as they share the surname of Ray’s secret identity of ‘Simon Wright’ – why else would he be so concerned and rush to be with them as soon as he could? But the kiss on the forehead might not necessarily have been romantic – is Maddie Ray’s sister? Or should that be Simon’s sister? Is Ray really Simon? Is Simon really Ray?!

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Friday 12 October sees Mel warning Ray to stay away from her, only for Mrs O to have a change of heart and invite him to have dinner with her, where she makes a surprising proposition… Will she reveal what she saw at the hospital?


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