Did Cain kill Joe? Emmerdale’s Jeff Hordley reacts to shock murder

“It could be the end of Cain if he became a murderer…”


Emmerdale has kicked off a dramatic new storyline for Cain Dingle who believes he is responsible for killing Joe Tate, unaware Graham Foster is setting him up for murder.


Thursday 11 October’s action-packed double bill saw Joe return to the village to confront stepgran Kim for making him jilt fiancée Debbie Dingle, only to be intercepted by Graham and a raging Cain, who punched him for hurting his beloved daughter before he could explain himself – seemingly killing him in the process as he fell to the ground and hit his head on a rock.

With no pulse detected, Graham declared Joe dead at the scene and immediately took charge, ordering Cain to leave so he could clean up his mess. While shellshocked Cain fled, Graham bundled Joe’s body into the boot of his car and saw his finger twitch…

Later, grave Graham was seen returning to his car with a gun having driven away from the village, breaking down in tears, but did he finish Joe off so as not to incur the wrath of boss Kim Tate who had ordered the hit on her relative, or let him go? He then visited Cain and continued to give him the impression he was to blame for Joe’s death… Jeff Hordley reacts to tonight’s epic twists, and what it means for his character’s future:


How will Cain cope thinking he has killed Joe?
It’s new territory for me. Believe it or not Cain has never murdered anybody so it’s totally new ground. That’s the great thing about this story, it peels back the layers of the character, it’s not just a repeat of a similar plot with different people.

Moira had a breakdown when she killed Emma, could Cain react similarly?
I think you’ll see a different side to him, but there might be elements of that.

Does he confide in anyone?
Maybe… All I can say is it’s going to be a long-running story!

How will Cain react if he knew he didn’t actually Joe and it was most likely Graham?
I think they’re setting up Cain and Graham to circle one another. They are similar beasts and it would be a great story. But who will come out on top? I don’t know. This is the first time Cain and Graham have really had a story together.

What can you tease about Cain and Graham’s dynamic from this point?
Graham has got the upper hand and is taking control, whereas Cain is on the back foot – that is territory I’m not used to being in! Cain likes to be in control, and he’s really out of his depth here, so Graham is driving it and covering it up.


Are you glad Cain hasn’t become a murderer?
I’d rather he hasn’t killed him but I don’t know how it’s playing out, I don’t think anybody knows where it’s going as to whether Joe is actually alive or dead. Personally I’d rather Cain wasn’t a murderer because that would maybe mean the end of the character – killers always get their comeuppance. Although Moira is still here isn’t she? You’re at the mercy of the writers and they lead you down paths that you might personally not want to go down, but you have to invest in the stories you’re given and play them the best you can.

How will Debbie react when she discovers what really happened to Joe?
As brilliant as the Cain and Graham dynamic is, I’d say the potential consequences for Cain and Debbie are more interesting. This could really break up their relationship which has been so strong for years. If Debbie knew what happened and Cain’s involvement it could cause a big rift between them.

But there is a chance Joe is still alive…
Yes, Graham might have sent him to a special military hospital! But when you saw him moving his fingers in the car boot, that could have just been his last dying twitch…

Did you give Ned Porteous (Joe) a big send-off?
We had a leaving do which was really good. He’s such a great lad and we all wish him well, it’s been great fun working with him. Great actor, great guy so it’s a shame he’s gone, but people have to go on and do other jobs.


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