Emmerdale: killer Lachlan frames Belle as murder accomplice (Spoilers)

But will the police believe him?


Emmerdale villain Lachlan White has implicated Belle Dingle in his killing spree in the first episode of tonight’s double bill. The cliffhanger moment came after the twisted teen led the police on a wild goose chase to where he claimed the missing Rebecca was being held. But after taking investigating officers to nearby woodland, Lachlan instead tried to engineer an escape only to be pinned down by investigating officers.


Facing a return trip to his cell, Lachlan then turned the tables by telling the police: “Mum, Grandad, Gerry – I murdered them all. But it wasn’t just me. It was me and Belle. We killed them all. We did it together.”

Fans now have to wait until Thursday’s second episode to discover how seriously Lachlan’s claims will be taken – and whether Belle will now be put in the frame for crimes that she hasn’t committed.

The Emmerdale villagers also remain none the wiser about Rebecca’s true fate, with only viewers aware that she’s currently being held against her will in an unknown location by a sinister nurse, who is in the pay of Lachlan. By the start of next week, Rebecca is still being tended to, only for the nurse to learn that the murderous Mr White has been arrested.

Sensing that things aren’t going as planned, the nurse decides to take action and will be seen attempting to ‘reassure’ Rebecca that her ordeal will be over soon before leaning in with a syringe at the ready. So is Rebecca’s life on the line yet again? And will she be able to escape the nurse’s clutches?


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