EastEnders: Dylan claims he’s innocent after arrest – and Mick is soon in the frame for attempted murder (Spoilers)

The latest EastEnders whodunnit isn't over yet!

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Tonight’s episode of EastEnders saw Mick and Tina’s childhood friend Dylan Box arrested by the police following the attempt on Stuart’s life. But is he really guilty of the crime? Prior to the police swoop, Tina was seen meeting with Dylan in the local park, where he incriminated himself by revealing that he was aware of the shooting having taken place at the Vic, despite claiming no knowledge of the crime at the start of their conversation. As the other people in the park were revealed to be undercover officers, Stuart found himself being led away in handcuffs, while Tina congratulated herself on what she thought was a job well done.

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But this evening’s closing scene saw Dylan swear during his interrogation at the station that the police had the wrong man – and what’s more, he could prove it! So are the Carters premature in celebrating the closing of the case back at the Queen Vic? It certainly seems that way, seeing as the police will have a very different suspect in their sights next week.

The upcoming drama will see Stuart regain consciousness and put Mick in the frame for his attempted murder by claiming that it was the Queen Vic landlord who fired the almost-fatal shot. But worse is to come for the Carters when Stuart’s daughter corroborates her dad’s story ensuring that Mick now faces arrest.

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Said Ricky Champ of his character’s accusation: “Stuart is revelling in it as he lies there as the victim in hospital. But he’s taking some really big risks. He’s addicted to this dangerous game he’s playing, so it makes the character much more dangerous. It doesn’t matter what you do to him, he’s going to come at you again. That’s a terrifying aspect of Stuart.”


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