EastEnders to keep viewers guessing over shooting – “Fans won’t know at first who pulled the trigger”

New whodunnit set to continue into the autumn

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EastEnders is to turn last night’s shock shooting at the Queen Vic into a new whodunnit, with viewers set to be kept in the dark about what actually went on behind the bar at the Albert Square pub until well into the autumn. “Fans at home won’t know at first who pulled the trigger, so they’ll be on the edge of their seats as they wait to learn who did it,” a source reveals in the new issue of Inside Soap. “There are so many questions – not only of who did the deed, but also the matter of whether the bullet was even meant for the person who took it.”


Monday’s episode of the BBC1 soap saw a deranged and armed Stuart Highway lie in wait for the Carters after closing time as he attempted to put the final act of his revenge plan into action. But as a shot rang out across the Square, fans saw only the exterior view of the Queen Vic, thus keeping everyone in the dark about who fired the gun – and who took the bullet.


Added the show insider: “Could it have been a case of someone pulling the trigger in a blind panic. or even mistaken identity? As the weeks go on, we’ll see those affected by the shooting grow suspicious, and even begin to turn on each other. But just when it seems the police have finally got their man – or woman – have the true events of the night really been uncovered?”

EastEnders will at least confirm the identity of the shooting victim in Tuesday’s visit to Walford, while Keanu Taylor appears destined to get embroiled in the mystery when he spies someone acting very suspiciously by the canal. By Friday, police investigating the gun drama will also have made an arrest – but who will find themselves in handcuffs by the week’s end?


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