5 reasons why Linda didn’t shoot Stuart on EastEnders (Spoilers)

CONTAINS SPOILERS Is Mrs Carter guilty or not? We weigh up the options

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EastEnders has left us with a whopper of a cliffhanger tonight with what looks to be the revelation that Linda Carter shot Stuart Highway. Linda’s guilt was signposted by the fact that we all witnessed her getting rid of what appeared to be the gun used in the crime. But might there be another explanation for her actions? Here are five reasons why Linda could well turn out to be innocent.


It solves the case too quickly
This is one of EastEnders’s big autumn storylines, so why would they want to put an end to the Cluedo-style detective fun by revealing that Linda is guilty so early on in the investigation? There has to be a twist that explains why Linda has been put in the frame on day one. All of which leads us on to the following points…

She’s covering for Mick
There aren’t that many people who Linda would go to such extreme lengths for, but Mick is obviously the exception. We couldn’t envisage her, for instance, getting rid of a gun because she thought Shirley had taken aim at sick Stu. But if Mick is guilty of shooting Stuart, then Linda would definitely be frantically rubbing off those fingerprints as if her own life depended on it.

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She THINKS Mick is guilty, but he actually isn’t
This is a variation on the above theory. Linda is under the impression that Mick has done it, so is desperately trying to conceal the evidence. After all, he did get into a fight with Stuart on the very day he was eventually shot. But Linda could well be wrong in her assumptions. Perhaps both she and Mick are innocent and the guilty party is someone else in the family. EastEnders did ensure that all the key characters had motives, so perhaps we should be looking elsewhere…

Stuart shot himself
In the ultimate act of revenge, Stuart ended up shooting himself in a bid to frame Mick. Linda is well aware of the fracas between Stu and her husband. In fact, the evidence speaks for itself: that scratch on Mick’s face (and, no doubt, his DNA on Stuart’s fingernails). So he last thing Linda would want is the police to make any link back to Mick. Hence her making doubly sure that there was no trace of anyone from the Queen Vic on that gun before she dumped it in the canal.


There’s another gun
OK, so we know that Dylan had something in that bag of his which helped him sleep more soundly at night. Might he be in possession of a gun himself? Perhaps Linda has got rid of a gun, but not THE gun that was used in the crime. This is a bit of a stretch but perhaps Linda fired a shot that missed and Dylan fired a shot that hit the target? We, as viewers, have assumed that there was just the one shot. But who’s to say there wasn’t more? Perhaps EastEnders played a big trick and the shots we heard on Monday’s duff duff and in Tuesday’s opening scene were DIFFERENT shots. And if Dylan was guilty, then that would explain why a protective Tina didn’t call the ambulance…


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