Emmerdale murder shock: watch Sam discover Lachlan’s latest crime – see the scene (Spoilers)

Will Sam be Lachlan's next victim?

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The crimes of Lachlan White look set to be exposed on tonight’s Emmerdale when Sam Dingle catches him with a corpse in his boot. But will he end up being Lachlan’s next murder victim?


When we last saw Lachlan, he was digging with his shovel after driving to local woodland under cover of night. It was an act that appeared to confirm his killing of conman Terry – whose real name we now know to be Paul Tozer.

Next, in Monday’s episode of the ITV soap, the police will question about how the bloodied rock recently found in the woods comes to match Paul’s DNA before demanding answers about the scrawled messages in the burnt-out cabin.

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Rattled by the questioning, Lachlan then makes preparations to rebury Paul’s body, but is caught in the act by Sam, who sees him with a shovel and spies the corpse in the boot of his car…


You can watch the clip below. Beneath that, there’s our 60-second rundown of all this week’s drama on Emmerdale. And don’t forget to visit our dedicated Emmerdale page for all the latest news, interviews and spoilers.